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  1. Default Savannah, Ga to Ohio

    DH and I are planning a trip to Ohio the second week of June. We want to visit dd in Athens, Ga on the way up or back or both.

    Priorities are Middletown, Oh, Columbus, and Lancaster. We'd like to see the Amish country too.

    Does anyone have any ideas for stops along the way?



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    If by 'Lancaster', you mean Lancaster, OH, then this could be a very nice loop trip with possible stops at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, horse farms in Lexington, KY, the US Air Force Museum, and drives along such scenic roads as the Red River Gorge Scenic Byway, the Wilderness Road Heritage Highway, the National Road, the Amish Country Byway, and the Midland Trail. Did you have something else in mind?


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