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    Default east coast road trip

    My husband and I are flying into Newark airport in June, we are staying in New York for 2 nights (as we have been to New York before). Can anyone recommend a route we can take to see the following

    Niagra Falls
    Cape Cod etc

    or can you give us some ideas of where we should stop off. We will be in the USA for 16 nights.

    I would be grateful for any advice you can offer

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    Default East Coast Triangle

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The trip you describe is basically a triangle, with a base leg along the coast. For this you already have your basic stops with Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington. Your main highway will be I-95, which is a heavily travelled road, with tolls. If you are interested in more scenic alternatives, we can provide those, but since you want to hit the cities those byways are meant to avoid, I don't think those are what you want. The other two legs, between Washington an dNiagara and between Niagara and Boston, are described (or at least linked to) in this post. Those should get you started. two weeks is quite a bit of time to explore that corner of America, so after you've had a look at the basics, let us know what your particular interests are, or where you might like to spend the bulk of your time and we'll try to accommodate.


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    Thanks for your quick reply, we do really want to see as much scenery as possible and wish to avoid the highways.

    If you can recommend anywhere else we should stop off at or any hotels you can recommend we would be very grateful.

    We are flying out of Newark so after Niagra we want to travel along the coast of New England on our way back to NYC.

    Many thanks,

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    Default Sorry

    I did give rather short shrift to the Boston - New York leg, so have a look at these posts for some of y favorite places along there.

    New England Coast
    Some Alternate Suggestions


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    Thanks AZBuck, you have given us a lot of help, looking forward to our tour now we have more info

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    Default best place to stay -- east coast road trip

    We would like to stay in one place and visit Washington, Philadelphia, Lancaster and Gettysburg, can anyone recommend a town which is quite central for these places.

    Thanks for this site and all your help


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    Default For Your Consideration

    Lancaster or York, PA should offer the best combination of proximity to your destinations and a size sufficient to support several lodging options, including both motels and Bed & Breakfasts. From either of these towns, you will be within 2 hours of your destinations (depending on traffic) with Washington being the most difficult of your venues to get to. For that reason, you may want to look at towns a bit farther west, such as Hanover which will allow you to avoid Baltimore on your drive into Washington. But Hanover is a bit smaller and may not have as many places to stay. However, you should be able to find Bed and Breakfast or farmhouse type accommodations throughout this area.


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