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    Default Big Sur/PCH Or Sedona

    I'm undecided where to go, I'm either going up the PCH and hitting up Big Sur or I'm going to Sedona AZ. I know that everything's going to be packed in Big Sur but are there areas not too far from there that would not be too far from there? I usually bring a 2 man tent and the basics. Any areas not to park in? If I do this, I don't think I'm going to go up to Monterey this time around, I might consider around Pismo/Morro Bay if I get a room but I'm undecided.

    This is the other trip I'm thinking about doing. Someone told me to stay in Jerome or Cottonwood vs. going into Sedona, there might be more options on places to stay or camp out too. I've been to Big Sur a few times and more or less know where to go, but as far as the Sedona area, I haven't been as of yet, so any good campgrounds, clean motels, or places to stop along the way would be helpful, thanks!

    Any tips or info would be helpful.
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    Default Go For New

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    If you've see Big Sur a few times, and don;'t mind a little 'dry heat', then by all means check out Sedona for a change. Besides the National Forest there is Dead Horse Ranch State Park. You could also, as you have noted, stay in Sedona (a little pricey) or any of several surrounding towns, including Flagstaff, Cottonwood or Prescott. While red rock hiking is the main attraction of the Sedona area, there are a lot of other worthwhile sites as well, such as Tuzigoot National Monument, Montezuma Castle National Monument, Agua Fria National Monument, as well as the Grand Canyon and a host of other sights in the Flagstaff area.


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    I've been to Flagstaff on a cross country trip before not that long ago, I don't mind dry heat, but I don't want Sedona to turn out to be an okay trip when I know that the rides up the Pacific Coast Highway are almost always memorable and beautiful (unless they're having mudslides).

    What about the vortexes in Sedona, what is that all about?

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    Default Vortex

    Quote Originally Posted by dalsh327 View Post
    What about the vortexes in Sedona, what is that all about?
    There are a few hundred places around the globe where certain practioners of various beliefs have detected some form of spiritual energies. One of these places is thought to be around Sedona. I never noticed anything there myself, but I have felt a curious calming "feeling" in the area around Angel Fire, New Mexico (another location for these so-called Vortexes). Like all belief-systems, it is easier to find evidence of human-based creativity rather than any scientific examples of something that can be quantified and studied.

    If you believe in the existence of a vortex signature, you might well feel something -- in some of these places -- but it should not be surprising that the one commonality of such places is that they all seem to occur in places of natural beauty....


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    Default New roads are the best!

    IMHO, I'd always rather travel someplace new than re-tracing roads to places I've been before. So I say go to Sedona!

    You might get inspired by this roadtrip report, with stunning photos, by cool, one of our roadtrip advisors.

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    It's going to wind up being down to which way the road takes me. I heard that gas is going up 25 cents before the end of the week, which would influence me into going to AZ. I wanted to go to Sedon when I was in Phoenix last time, but I decided to go to Tucson.

    I'm also thinking of more options of lodging or camping.

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