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    Default traveling toward tunes...

    Me and a couple of friends are travelling to Lawrence, Kansas from Tampa, Florida via a volkswagen bus, and i was just wondering if anyone knew of anyone knew of any cool kinda unknown stops along the way. if you do, please respond. And everyone should go to wakarusa, a festival that starts on the 7th of june and goes till the 11th.

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    Default which way you going?

    Depending on the route,

    If you are interested in Old South agriculture and history, the Agrirama in Tifton, GA is great.

    Ruby Falls (in a cave) near Chattanooga, TN is pretty cool, literally and figuratively.

    There are also some very nice caves in central Missouri - Meramec and Onandaga come to mind. The wine region between St. Louis and Hermann, Missouri is also very interesting, especially if you like sweet wines. The wines and restaurant at Stone Hill in Hermann are very good.

    If you are going further south, the town of Eureka Springs and the Ozark mountains in that area are very enjoyable. Kind of like the Great Smokies, but not preserved as a park. Still there are lots of state parks, hiking areas and such. The town of Mountain Home, AR is well for its mountain music. I haven't been, but my brother says there is almost always someone down at the town square with a guitar, fiddle, or banjo. And if you want to sit in, just ask.

    Why are you going to Lawrence, school at KU? I was just there in Lawrence and highly recommend Halcyon B&B if you need a place to stay.

    Have a fun ride.

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