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  1. Default Is the following trip even possible?

    I'm considering a road trip with a buddy who lives in Tucson. The trip would be from Tucson to Seattle (we have a friend and his family in Seattle). I want to know if the following schedule would be too much for a 10 day/2 week trip.

    Start in Tucson
    - Grand Canyon - just to see, no stay
    - Vegas - 1 night to see the lights and sights (I don't gamble or drink)
    - Death Valley - probably a drive through with some stops for pictures
    - Sequoia National Park - See the Crystal Cave and get 1 nights rest
    - Yosemite - See the sights and 1 nights rest
    - San Francisco - 2 - 3 days
    - Redwood National Park - probably a drive through with some stops for pictures
    - Portland - 1 day rest
    End in Seattle - 1 - 2 days just to see the friends

    I have taken a look at the other posts on here, and I haven't really seen anyone trying this; which is why I'm creating a new post.

    Oh, and I would like to do this on the more scenic routes as much as possible (i.e. non-major highways)

    So what do you think? I know this is drivable, but would it be enjoyable? (assuming we are in it as much for the drives through great scenery as we are for the stops).

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    Default A few changes

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I think your trip is mostly feasable, but there are a few concerns.

    I don't think you'll be able to drive from Tucson to the Grand Canyon and onto Vegas in one single day. That would be a pretty exhausting trip (guessing 13-14 hours, before you make any stops), and you'd only be able to park, poke your head over the rim, and then move on. I'd instead maybe look at viewing the canyon, and then spending the night in Williams, and head for Vegas via the Hoover Dam the next day.

    You've got another red flag on your Vegas-Death Valley-Sequoia trip. As we discuss extensively in this thread, there's really no way of doing that as a day trip. What you could do however, is view death valley on your way to Yosemite. Spend the night there, and then go to Sequoia the next night.

    It will also be tough to even do a drive through Redwoods if you are planning to get from SF to Portland in one day. You might enjoy spending time going up the coast, but that too would require more time.

    You'll probably have to do a little picking and choosing to fit everything in, but its certainly possible to see a lot of these things over the course of a 2 week trip.

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    Default Two more for the road

    The previous comments/concerns are valid. You need to put in a few more overnight stops. Be sure to make reservations in or near Yosemite the minute you have a date.

    Personally, I'd take out Sequoia National Park, unless you have to see that specific cave, because of the time it takes to get there and then out to the highway. Another nice cave that might be easier is Kartchner Caverns about an hour south of Tucson. Make reservations a day in advance.

    I'd like to suggest a couple of additions that you may have time for instead.

    1. Crater Lake in Oregon. It is a most unique lake and the boat ride to Wizard Island is fun. We had sun, rain with lightening, hail and sun again, all in a 4 hour cruise. However, you have to leave the coast by quite a distance, which you might be reluctant to do.

    2. Mt. Saint Helens in Washington. Nothing in this country quite compares to the sight, even though its been 27 years.

    You are going through some spectacular scenery so don't rush it. Many of the roads you are considering are quite slow. Hwy 120 through Yosemite and Hwy 1 up the California coast come to mind.

    In San Francisco there are surprisingly few restaurants with views of the water. The Beach Chalet at the west end of Golden Gate Park, The Cliff House just north of there a few blocks have view of the ocean, and Sinbads and the Waterfront on the Embarcadero downtown have a view of the Bay. And there are probably one or two in the Fisherman's wharf area. There used to be a restaurant at the end of Pier 39. You didn't ask about these, but you might want to know.


  4. Default How long do you want to do this in?

    Hello Kusandha --

    I think its doable, but you might end up a bit pressed for time..

    For a rough schedule I'd say something like

    1- Tucson to Willams AZ, via Montezuma's Castle, and east to west drive along the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
    2 - Willams to Las Vegas
    3 - LV through Death Valley (you do have to stop at Badwater (-200+' under sea level) and drive the Artist's Palette Loop) to Bakersfield/ Visalia area. I wouldn't recommend heading up the road into Sequoia National Park at night as its pretty winding. But if you want to stay the night in the park, that is an option for you.
    4 - Bakersfield/ Visalia to Sequoia National Park. Spend the day in Sequoia (perhaps the night -- else back to the valley and head for Yosemite)
    5- Drive to Yosemite, spend the night.
    6 - Yosemite to SF
    7 - in SF.
    8 - SF to Redwoods area. Perhaps stay in Eureka.
    9 - Through Redwoods National Park (I recommend visiting the Lady Bird Grove in the NP, but Gold Beach at Praire Creek Redwoods State Park is pretty cool). Then I'd turn inland on 199 and head for the I-5 at Grants Pass. You'd probably want to spend the night somewhere around Grants Pass to Eugene.
    10 - up I-5 to Seattle. Grants Pass to Seattle is about a 7-8 hour drive on I-5.

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    Thanks everyone for your information.

    It looks like the current schedule might be too tight. I'm thinking I will trim Sequoia out. Based on the routes I've scene that is the one that requires a detour (basically) if I'm doing Vegas - Death Valley - Yosemite and on. And will definitely consider adding more stops or planning out the stops very carefully.

    Thanks again for the advice =)

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