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    I'm in the LA area for a few days in August and planning on doing quite abit of things, I thought of going to Universal Studios. The debate is if half a day is long enough there as my other half thinks a day is the minimum.
    Will it be busy in Universal Studios (are the kids off in August).

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    Default Time to spend

    Depending on when in the month of August you are going, the kids may still be out of school. Usually, school starts back up at the end of August / beginning of September.

    I have heard from a few folks that have been to Universal Studios in Florida - they spent three days there, enjoying all the thrills. Something to think about. I would say go for the whole day.

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    Default A Full Day

    I would think you'd want a full day for Universal. I haven't been to the one in LA, but my understanding is while the one in Florida is pretty much a pure theme park, you get to see more of the movie making process in Hollywood.

    I'll also say that the tickets aren't cheap, and I don't think they have discounts for half days, so you might as well spend the whole day there!

    I also suspect it will be fairly busy in August, especially if you went on a weekend. Tues-Thursday should be a little less crowded.

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    Thanks for all the advice, think it's a day then for us.

  5. Default UV Studios, LA

    I used to have an annual pass to Universal Studios, Hollywood. I haven't been in a couple of years, but I first went there like 20 years ago.

    Universal Studios Hollywood (it's actually in the town of Universal City) can be done in about a half day if you're rushed, or you can spend a whole day there. UV Studios (as it's called) is a mixture of a shopping mall, theme/amusement park, and working studio. The origins of the place were the Universal Studios backlot where a lot of movies have been filmed, and are still used on a daily basis. The studio used to offer a tram tour through the working studio, and then this evolved into the theme park, with movie-themed rides and shows.

    If you do go, you should take the tram tour. There are also sometimes tours through working studios where either a movie or TV show is being filmed -- usually they'll let you walk through if its currently not being used and you're with an organized tour.

    But most of UV studios today is a movie-based theme park -- rides, shows etc. The water world show (when I was last there) wasn't bad, nor was the western stunt show.

    Next to the studio is "Universal City Walk", which is a several block long section of stores and restaurants. Not bad -- when i would visit UV studios I would actually leave the park (get your hand stamped for reentry!!) and have lunch there rather than pay the somewhat higher priced (and in my opinion lower quality) food in the park. If you're into movie memorabila, there are several stores in the UV City Walk that specialize in this.

    But... you'll be there in August. Plan for it being sunny and HOT (up to 100 F), and since you'll be out in the sun a fair chunk of the day (like any other amusement park) wear sunscreen and bring a water bottle or two. (You can buy soft drinks, but water is cheaper and better for you -- drink lots). Schools in the LA area typically start up after the 1st of September, so you'll be in the midst of summer vacation time as well -- the park could be fairly crowded.

    And... for your triva fact of the day. The Treaty of Cahuenga, which ended the fighting in California for the Mexican American War was signed on January 13th 1847 at a farmhouse about 1/4 mile from Universal Studios. The treaty was signed between Lieutenant-Colonel John C. Fremont and General Andrés Pico (as in Pico Rivera, Pico Blvd, etc in LA). There's a small monument and museum near the corner of Lankershim Blvd and Universal Drive (which used to be caleld "Campo de Cahuenga Drive").

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