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    Default Antelope Canyon or Canyon de chelly?

    I need help making a decision on what to see during one of the last legs of my road trip (SF-Yosemite-Sequoia/Kings Canyon/Death Valley/Las Vegas/Zion/Grand Canyon North Rim/Bryce/Arches/Canyon Lands/Mesa Verde/Monument Valley/Grand Canyon South Rim/Phoenix/Joshua Tree/SD/LA/Pacific Coast HWY to SF). I can't decide on what to tour between the following two options:

    OPTION #1: Monument Valley-Canyon De Chelly-Grand Canyon South Rim


    OPTION #2: Monument Valley-Antelope Canyon-Grand Canyon South Rim

    I have only one day to do one of these options. I would love to see both Antelope Canyon and Canyon de Chelly, but unfortunately, geography limits my choices. I will start near Monument Valley at sunrise. Any suggestions? What do you guys like?

    Also, I want to drive the scenic 17 mile unpaved road that meanders through Monument Valley. Has anyone driven this scenic road of late? Is it possible to navigate with an AWD sedan? I look forward to responses. Thanks.
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    Default I Vote Antelope

    I have to admit that I've never been to Antelope Canyon (I assume you mean the slot canyon), but we did visit Canyon de Chelly last year. It is a very scenic spot, but unless you are going to pay for a guided tour into the canyon lead by a Native American, you can only see most of the Canyon from the rim. There is one hike to a pueblo ruin on the Canyon floor. All the other view, as nice as they are, are long distance.

    That said, having seen all that is on your itinerary, I'd think that Antelope would be so different that you'd want to see it, for sure.

    Just my opinion.

    Yes, you should be able to drive Monument Valley in a AWD car. They do a good job of keeping most of it graded to a decent level of passability. In this case, though, you might want to pay for a Native American guided tour. You get to go places off the graded track that you would not be able to see otherwise.

    I doubt that you'll have time or the car for it, but the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands is amazing! It should be a two-three day trip (there are 2 or 3 campgrounds) along the way. (We did it in one day and most of one night - it is about a hundred miles at an average of about 9 miles per hour). However, it requires high clearance and, in a few places, nerves of steel.

    Sounds like a great trip. You are hitting all our favorite spots, except Capitol Reef NP. Enjoy!

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