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    Default Southeast USA here we come!

    Hello again,
    I got quite a few great hints on "where to go", "what to see" from all of you last year, so I decided to count on your help once more.
    I remember the last time I wasn't really able to find any roadtrips similar to the one I was planning, but then it turned out there was a whole bunch of threads that matched mine. So I gave it some time this year, but I really wasn't able to find as much information as I'd want to. I guess I'm not that good of a researcher...
    (Do let me know which threads match mine this time... I probably missed a lot of them)

    Anyhoo, this time we're heading east...southeast I suppose..
    The trip in general will look something like this:
    Houston,TX->Lafayette,LA->New Orleans,LA->Tuscaloosa,AL->Chattanooga,TN->Nashville,TN->Memphis,TN->Natchez,MS->Houston,TX
    I'll definitely consider changing it a bit if you think there's something worth seeing somewhat on the way...

    We have 8 days for the trip which (I think) gives us plenty of time...
    We're mostly looking for "nature related" attractions, if I may. I know Chattanooga has a couple places worth visiting, and the Great Smoky Mountains NP is right by...I've been told about the Natches Trace Parkway..
    What else would you recommend? What am I missing? (:

    Oh, and do you know of any interesting places or "things" worth seeing on the way New Orleans->Tuscaloosa or basically in Alabama that are sort of on the way?

    Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

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    Default Nope, Can't Say as I Have

    I don't think I recall a trip quite like the one you have planned, so don't feel bad that you weren't able to find similar threads. You could probably make the circuit you've described in four days of 500 mile drives, so with eight days, you really will have time to get off the freeways and see some things. So what's along that general route? Our Louisiana resident Advisor, lhuff, has recommended US-90 through cajun country as well as some other sights in that neck of the woods. I would add a stop at the old state capitol in Baton Rouge and a drive across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. As you work your way up through east central Alabama, the Talladega Scenic Drive offers a change of pace from I-55 through Birmingham. I don't know where you're planning on stopping in Chattanooga, but Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park rates consideration at least. One small scale oddity I enjoyed was the Mississippi Petrified Forest outside Flora, just northwest of Jackson. And, yes, by all means, drive at least some of the Natchez Trace Parkway.

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