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  1. Default anything interesting off I-80?

    roadtrip from San Francisco to Madison, WI. Opinions on worthy side trips off I-80?

    Opinions on good half-way point?

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    This trip is about 2100 miles one-way, which puts it at a comfortable four-day journey. The half-way point would be roughly Cheyenne for a city of decent size.

    I would stop in Salt Lake City and Flaming River Gorge for starters.

    How many days do you have for your trip, and what are the kinds of things that you are most interested in?

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    Default Places to rest and explore

    Quote Originally Posted by georgeorwell View Post
    roadtrip from San Francisco to Madison, WI. Opinions on worthy side trips off I-80?
    Here are some more ideas


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    Default How about the Lonely Road

    Gotta tell you, I really like Hiway 50 across Nevada better than I-80. You can swing by Lake Tahoe and Grimes Point Petroglyphs east of Fallon, NV. This follows the old pony express trail through some great little towns like Austin, Eureka and Ely, Nevada (fun steam train ride in Ely and beautiful murals on the buildings).

    The drive across Utah and into Colorado on I-70 is very interesting geologically (much more so than I-80). Of course, you go right by Capitol Reef NP (one of our absolute favorites) and Arches NP (another favorite) and Sego Canyon petroglyphs and pictographs 3 miles north of Thompson Springs, UT.

    There are some good wineries in Grand Junction, and Colorado National Monument is worth a stop if you couldn't take time for the parks in Utah. The ride on I-70 through the heart of the Rockies is great. We like stopping at the ski areas like Vail, Copper Mountain, or Keystone in the summertime when they are quiet and very picturesque. If you have time, take the old highway over Loveland Pass instead of going through the Eisenhower tunnel. Georgetown, CO is a cute old mining town with lots of Victorian architecture. Do whatever apeals to you in Denver, then take I-76 (commemmorating the year Colorado became a state, 1876) up to I-80 and on across Nebraska, etc.

    For interesting places to visit on the way...Harold Warp Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska is amazing-amazing-amazing. Warehouses full of well displayed items from our past such as a whole room of old Chevy's, another of Fords, another of Hudsons and Stanley Steamers, etc. Old snowmobiles, tractors and farm machinery, cameras, vacuum cleaners, washing machines. You name it, it is there and there are probably lots of them dating back as far as 150 years. They also have several preserved and furnished buildings (very nice sod house), and a great carousel that runs on a one-cylinder steam engine...costs a nickel to ride!

    For a better living history village, but without the vast collection of memorabilia, visit the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer in Grand Island, NE, or do both! Excellent Native American museum, too.

    Wow, it gets my juices flowing, just think about it. Have fun!


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