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    I've spent plenty of time on I-90 and I-80, so I'd kinda like to try a different route this time. My time is limited (mostly due to funds), and my original plan was to just hop on 90 and do it in 2 days (I still might do that). Anybody got any more interesting, not-too-time-consuming alternate routes?

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    If you are thinking of doing this trip in 2 days, then I-90 is pretty much your only option. You'd still need to travel a blistering 900 miles a day, being on the road for about 16 hours for both of your days to make the trip, so adding any extra miles, just isn't going to be feasable. I'll also add if this is a solo trip, I would strongly advise against attempting to even trying to cover that many miles per day, there simply is no way of doing it safely.

    Now if you are going to add at least a day, and preferably two, you could use I-94 for your trip from Montana to Minnesota. Just drop back down to Iowa via I-35 once you get to the Twin Cities. It would give you a little variety without adding too many miles to your overall trip.

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    Default If you save money, could you add days?

    Maybe you need some money-saving ideas. Eat all, or at least most, of your meals out of a cooler with food from the grocery store. This is usually a pretty big savings right there. Camp or sleep in your car at safe, 24-hour truck stops instead of staying in hotels. Check out The Art of the Cheap Roadtrip

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