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  1. Default Question about July 4

    Hello. I'd like to thank you for this site, as it has answered many of my questions regarding travel times, and do's and don'ts....I guess that saves you from having to answer those questions all over again! :)
    However, as I am Canadian, I am starting my road trip to the US on our country's long weekend (July 1).
    Since your holiday falls on the first Wednesday of July, do You have the long weekend? or is only Wednesday the "day off " holiday?
    I will be traveling from Red bluff, CA through highway 36, down the coast to San Fransisco (yeah, I know. Typical biker..) on July 4. Could anyone give me an idea of what kind of traffic I would be dealing with?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Oh, expect crowds

    Most businesses won't be closed down for a long weekend, but that doesn't mean that many people won't choose to take some time off anyway. For example, they can take 2 vacation days and get 5 days off. I don't know if it will be as crowded as a traditional 4th of July holiday but I'm sure it will still be crowded.

    I wouldn't let that stop me. Just figure it might take a bit more time and enjoy!

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