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  1. Default Connecticut to California--Help!!

    Two friends and I are planning on driving from New Haven, Connecticut to Berkeley, CA. We want to do it in 5 days maximum. I understand from reading other threads that it is not possible to stop for any sightseeing in that amount of time and it will mean long, long days of driving--that's fine, we are prepared for that.

    What I'm looking for are suggestions for the best route to take in terms of scenery, with our time constraints taken into consideration.

    We are leaving on Friday so anything you have to offer ASAP would be great. Thanks so much!

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    Default Take the quickest route!

    Welcome to the RTA forums!

    With your time constraints, you just need to take the most direct route. That's OK. It's a good one. It's I-80 the whole way. This is actually a route that follows the first cross-country highway in the US, the old Lincoln Highway. So you're driving across history. The scenery is good everywhere in the US. You will go through a wide variety. Every day will be different.


    Oh, this route is roughly 3000 miles so you will need to average 600 miles/day to make it in 5 days.

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    Default A possible detour

    If you find you are making good time, you might have time to cut down to I-70 in Colorado and go over the rockies and across some of Utah. From there you could either cut back north to I-80 at Salt Lake City, or try taking US-50 across Nevada.

    With 5 days, you might not have time even for this relatively small detour. If you don't have time, I-80 is still a perfectly good option. Its beauty is just a little more subtle than that of I-70 through Colorado and Utah.

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