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    hey guys, i would love to know a couple of things about my upcoming trip to LA. first i'm willing to drive like 8-10 hours a day and want to take the route that will allow me to enjoy the trip hassle free. could you tell me the best cities for stop overs, maybe the best places to stay and sleep, how many days it will take and any tips in general ect. weather hazards, states to watch speed and or anything else helpful or insightful. thank you so much and well appreciate it!

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    Default 5 days, minimum

    Welcome to the RTA forums!

    You will need 5 days to do a speed-run. But that would mean driving longer than 8-10 hours/day. At 10 hours/day, I would plan for 6 days. This means no real time for sight-seeing or stopping to explore anything. Are you cool with that?

    The quickest route is taking I-80 until near the Nebraska-Colorado border where you will go south on I-76 to Denver. And then I-70 through most of Utah until you get to I-15. Then take I-15 south through Las Vegas to LA. This is about 2800 miles.

    No route can be guaranteed to be hassle-free. However, no route is a hassle either. Road-tripping sometimes involves a bit of hassle but it's all worth it. It's all in your perspective.

    To be honest, unless time is really of the essence for this trip, if I were you I would check out a map and find all the things in the country that you've always wanted to see and then try and plan a route that will take you to all of these places. Of course, if time doesn't allow for that, the above-route will work fine.

    I am the worst person to answer your concerns about best places to stop over and to stay. I like to go-with-the-flow and not make reservations unless absolutely if I'm going someplace that will be packed like Grand Canyon. There are hotels all over. If you ever come to a stretch of road where there are limited services for awhile, there is usually a sign posting that. I can't imagine anyplace in this country where there aren't services within the next 50 miles or so. Those types of stretches are pretty rare these days.

    I can't imagine any real weather hazards along this route at this time of year. However, we always recommend to people that they check out The Weather Channel either that night in your motel, or in the morning before you leave, just in case there is some warnings that you need to be aware of.

    As for speeding...this is another go-with-the-flow thing. Traffic flow, that is. At least that has always worked for me. I don't know that any one state is more strict than others with speeders. You will come across some wide-open stretches of road with little traffic that will be tempting. I know I have. And I've paid the price for that. Don't assume that because you don't see police patrolling that road that you're safe. Many areas in the west have traffic planes.

    Hope this answers some of your concerns. Please post anymore questions or concerns you might have.

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