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    I'm thinking about leaving for Vancouver from San Diego. I need to get out of my norm right now and think that a ride up the coast in my 73 VW bus will do just the trick. I am planning on going up there with little in my pocket. What is the cheapest you think I can spend to drive up there. I can sleep on the side of the road, I dont care and eat saltine crackers and cheese. I'm a very low maintenance dude who just wants to appreciate the coast.

    I am also thinking about making a wide sweep over into Idaho to visit a friend.

    In case I decide to just live for awhile driving my bus, what should I do for money. Busking...odd jobs? Work from your computer? Any suggestions. Thanks guys.

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    Default On the road

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your costs are going to depend upon how long you are on the road, how many miles you travel, and how able you are to really live on crackers.

    If you are also on a zero dollar budget, you might also want to think about what you will do if your 34 year old van breaks down and you need to make repairs along the way.

    As far as working on the road, This Page gives a whole list of links and book recommendations with tips on making a living while traveling.

    Finally, there is one big potential problem with your plan on making it to Vancouver. As a US Citizen, you can not just show up in Canada and find a job. In fact, if Canadian authorities suspect you will be trying to find work or they don't believe you have the resources to support yourself during your trip across the border, they can and will refuse your attempt to enter Canada.

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    Default "A ride up the coast in my 73 VW bus..."

    Quote Originally Posted by mattreate View Post
    I'm thinking about leaving for Vancouver from San Diego.
    Wow, a 1973 VW Bus -- yeah, that would be a GREAT way to get out of the norm. Here are some threads you ought to look at:

    Places to see -- LA to Seattle (by Judy)
    Seattle & Portland (another post by Judy)
    Beach Report (by Larrison)
    Tips for budgeting (also by Judy)


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