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    Now I'm from the United Kingdom, and this summer four possibly five friends of mine plan to go on a road trip across the US. Now we know where we need to be as in flying there and back, however as for a vehicle we are currently in debate so I stumbled across your forum seeking a resolution.

    I would like to know the rough prices for an 18 year old to get insured for basic coverage (note a completely clean license)... Reason being it may wind up cheaper to just rent a vehicle. Also any other viable means for acquiring transportation for a month.. 26 days to be precise.

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    You have a very serious problem that you'll have to address first, and that is your age. I looked up just one car hire company (Alamo), and if you rent your car at JFK airport in New York, it will cost you $115/day just in a surcharge for being underage. In the US, normally the prices quoted by car hire firms assume that the renter/driver is at least 25 years old. Typically there is a surcharge of $25/day for drivers between the ages of 21 and 24, and most either won't rent to anyone under 21 or will hit you up for exorbitant fees such as the $115. Note that that's per day per driver, meaning that if all your friends want to drive, the rental is going to cost you $700/day on top of the quoted rental fee. Then add insurance fees (~$50/day). Check through this thread for more information on insurance need when renting a car.

    You might think that it could be easier and cheaper to buy a car and sell it when you're trip is over, but you will almost certainly pay substantially for that as well, being both a 'motivated' buyer at the beginning and seller at the end. Insurance is also expensive for 18 year olds, even with a clean record, and generally not available for terms less than 6 months. You can try one of the insurance companies' web sites and see what they'll quote you. Two that you should check are Geico and Progressive. One piece of info that might help is that a New York City Zip Code is 10010. And one final hurdle. In order to buy and register a car in the US, you will need a permanent address here.

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