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  1. Default sleeping in my car in Manhattan ????

    hello everyone,

    This is my firts post on this forum and I am gald I found it. I read many cool and useful answers.
    Here is my plan +questions.

    I am going to NYC at the end of May and I'm thinking about sleeping in my car, instead of paying for the hotel. IT Would save me about $300.I found a days inn in edison, NJ 920 miles from newrak ) for $55 +tax /night, but I'd rather save $300.
    I am a female traveling alone.
    I looked on the internet for Pilot and Flying J locatiosn, but they are not very close to NYC. Now, I am thinking about sleeping in Manhattan in the parking garages, about $20/night. Hoe safe would that be?
    Or what other choises I have?
    I don't really like hostels, not because other people, but I heard they are dirty, my car in clean. I have aVW cabrio ( convertible) and the back seat is lower then the front seats and it's pretty big back there.
    Any good ideas?
    Thank you.

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    Default Not Safe at All

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    No offense, but this is actually one of the worst ideas for saving a few bucks that I've ever heard. Cars are stolen from mid-town Manhattan garages every night. And a ragtop is that much more enticing and less safe. You'd be much, much, much better off finding low cost accommodations in New York, or in New Jersey, Yonkers, White Plains, Long Island, or Connecticut near a mass transit stop than pursuing this idea. If you can't afford basic, safe lodging, are you sure that you can afford this trip?


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    Default What's worse than horrible?

    I am in total agreement with Buck, this is a truely horrible and dangerous idea.

    In essence what you are proposing in not significantly different than saying, "I'm a woman by myself in an unfamiliar city, and I'm just going to lay down and sleep in this dark alley." Nothing bad could come out of that situation, could it?

    I'm a firm believer that common sense can keep you safe almost all of the time on a roadtrip, and this idea really goes in the face of every possible tip one could give for staying safe.

    I'll also ask, where did you get this information that Hostels are dirty? I've stayed in several, and haven't found one yet that would fit that description.

    I'll finish in agreement with Buck, if these are the measures you are looking at to save money, are you sure you really are in a position to make this trip?

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    Thanks for the reply.
    It's not actually if I can aford or not, but I was thinking about saving some money. The most expensive part of my trip would be the lodging.
    I found a Days Inn in Edison , NJ for $55/day
    The cheapest hotel/motel in Manhattan is at least $100. I am not going to pay that type of money for a few hours of sleep.

    MW Michael,

    thanks for your reply too. I read many of the hostels reviews. Some people found bugs in their room, restrooms were dirty etc. I am not saying all of them are the same, but many.
    hostels in manhattan are about $30-35/night at least +plus I have to pay for the overnight parking about $20 or even more, so i preffer not to stay at a hostel. My alternative of Days Inn in Edison I think it's better.

    Hmmm. I thought my car would be safe in a parking garage. :(

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    man! are you making me worry.

    i called the Wayne Inn. $80.35 (includes tax) per night.
    535 state highway north 23
    wayne, new jersey

    easy easy access to routes 80 and 46. about 20 minutes from the city. with no traffic.

    not fancy, reasonably clean.


    973 696 2000

    sheesh, don't stay in a parking garage. heck i'll pack you a lunch to save money!
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    Thanks for the hotel info and for the call.
    For $80 I could stay right in Newark, at Days Inn.

    No need to pack luch for me.I don't eat a lot, so i don't spend a lot of money on food .:)

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