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  1. Default Can you help towing car from FL to CO?

    I have a vehicle that needs towed from FL to CO. If you have an RV or large vehicle capable of towing it, I would pay any associated costs and could additionally help with the cost of fuel. I've been on many road trips myself and would also be happy to offer specifc advice or could help driving for a weekend.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We wish you the best on finding a hook-up. I've moved your request to a more appropriate forum to give you a better shot.


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    Thanks for the help. I figure I could fix the car in FL and drive it back for $700 (Murphy's law says that's not a good idea), or I could ship it for $1,000. I'm really hoping to find a good connection so that it costs a bit less, and figure someone here could benefit from having some expenses come off of the trip cost...if you don't mind towing a car.

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    Did you get it moved?

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