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    Hi everyone,

    Just after some advice, we arrive at JFK around 1.00 on Saturday afternoon, what is the best form of transport to get to our hotel. We are situated on E 38th St, didn't know if it was just easy to get a taxi even though expensive or if the train system would take us near there as don't want to be walking around NY with all our luggage. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Default Mass Transit option

    You can take the AirTrain to either the A train or E train. The Airtrain costs about $5.
    If you get the A, take it straight to Penn Station (34th St), then take a taxi from there to the east side. Or, take it to Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd), take the S train transfer to Grand Central, and you can either walk from there, or take a taxi.
    If you take the E train option of the Airtrain, you have two options. You can take the LIRR to Penn Station, costs about $5, but it's direct and more comfortable than the subway. Or, you can take the E into Manhattan, transfer at 51st Street to the downtown 6 train, which has stops at 42dn or 33rd, then walk or take a taxi!
    One ride on the subway will cost $2.

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    Hi mikphire

    What are the A,E and S Train's that you refer to as never been to New York before?

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    Default NY Transit

    NY's Subway Routes use both letters and numbers, so the letters are the names of various routes.

    If you are considering mass transit, You should probably Check Out the NY Transit Website to get familiar with the NY Subway system.

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    Default Advice for NYC Transit

    Diddo on what Michael said. Make those maps your best friends!

    The most useful to you would be the Subway map of course, and the Manhattan Bus map. It shows a more detailed map of the Manhattan area, with bus routes and subway stops.
    And if you think you're lost, ALWAYS ask, and get a couple opinions. (sometimes I think new yorkers live to help people figure out the transit system...)

    Also, a note of advice, you said you're coming in on a Saturday- usually, there's a lot of subway construction work going on, especially on the weekends, and it could really delay or mess with plans, so make sure you check out the service advisories before trying to go anywhere.

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    Thanks for all the advice guys, so might I be right in saying it might be easier just to jump in a taxi and pay $45 fixed fee?

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