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    Default East Coast Road Trip

    Hi, i;m from Israel and planning to travel the East coast starting june.
    I would like whoever can to give me an estimate of how much it would cost. Luckily I have my grandparents car so i save on rentals. I am starting in Miami and my end point is New york.
    These are the things I want to see:
    Cape Canveral, st. augustine, jacksonville, savannah, charlotte, blue ridge parkway, washington dc (4-5 days),
    dutch country pennsylvania, new york (week), except for washington and ny i dont plan to stay in any place more than a day or two. I plan to camp out every night ( maybe roadside motel every third night).
    How much would this trip cost? i have 1 month to complete it.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    It is safe to estimate at least $100/day per person, so I would use that as a rule of thumb. I have found it to be quite true, actually.

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    Default Budget Basics

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    There really is no one size fits all budget plan, you need to work out what you think you will spend on each of a variety of basic elements. This Thread takes a look at the major expenses that you can plan for, and this thread has some information what your basic expenses are even on a shoestring budget.


  4. Default $100/ day is a good planning estimate..

    I'll agree, that $100 a day is a good planning estimate.. You *can* travel cheaper, but its in the right ballpark for planning purposes.

    The breakdown of costs will vary about where you stay, what you eat, how far you go per day, etc.

    For a rough ROM on costs

    - Travel per day, $40-60/ day. This depends upon the vehicle you drive, and how far you drive it. My car -a larger SUV - gets reasonable mileage at around 20 mpg on the freeway, but 200-300 miles will still run me at least 10-15 gallons at say $3.50/ga, which is $35-55 in gas costs. Add in a little bit of margin, and you're at $40-60. Traveling shorter distances, having better mileage, etc could make your estimate different.

    - Campground $15-25/ night. Typical costs -- I've been in some that were great at $8/ night, and others at $30/ night. A hotel will run you around $70-80/ night for a good quality one. You might find a good one for $40-50/night, but my experience has been somewhat higher, particularly in more heavily traveled areas. Don't forget that most places add in about a 10% room tax on the hotel room. If you stay a hotel every 2nd night, you'll be running around $40-50/ night, average, if every 3 nights, it'll be closer to $30-40/night.

    - Food. I can eat out of an icechest for around $10-15/ day. If I buy a meal it'll run me typically $5-15 per meal, depending upon where. Figure you'll have a fast food meal maybe once a day, and you'll be running $15-20/ day for food. Don't forget you'll need to buy ice every couple of days if you're camping -- or if you stay in a hotel you can usually get some out of the ice machines you find in most motels/ hotels (they won't object if you get a couple of small bags of ice -- but don't try to take like 40 lbs out of the machine...)

    - Incidentals. Admission to places, souveniers, etc. That'll add up -- but something you can control. I always figure $10-20/ day for this.

    So adding this all up -- you get *around* $100/ day to travel. You can do it cheaper, depending upon where you go how far & fast you travel and what you want to see. But you can also go much more expensive too.

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    what can you tell me about truck stops? i heard that you can just pull in and sleep in the car. Is it safe? I'm a pretty good sleeper so noise isn't an issue. Do you know any on the I-95 in Florida & Georgia?

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    Default I-95 Guide

    Truck stops are a decent option if you plan to sleep in the car. As with any private business, however, you should check with managment before spending the night. Buying something is always a good idea as well.

    Truck Stops will be plentiful along I-95, and most any interstate really. However, you might find this I-95 Guidebook to be helpful.

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    THanks for the info! Do you know if they have showers at truck stops or is that reaching a bit?
    If anyone has ever spent a night at a truck stop I would like to know how it was, weird? OK?
    This forum is amazing by the way!!!

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    Default Truck Stops

    Yes, Truck Stops have showers available for a fee.

    I personally don't spend the night there -except at the occational truck stop motel- but that's just because I personally find that sleeping in the car is just not worth it when there are other more comfortable low-cost options for sleeping.

    That said, there are others who do. I'd search the forum, and look for some posts on the topic by Gen, who has lots of experience sleeping in the car at truck stops.

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    Thank you all for your great information!
    I'm arriving in the US next week, and i have one more question, is there anything cool to do between Savannah, GA & Charlotte, NC, besides ft. sumter and not too far away from the highway. I would love to hear suggestions...

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    Default plans finalised

    that's it got my tickets and will be heading into boca raton on thursday the 24th.
    ill probably start the trip on the 27th (sunday).
    thank you all very much for sharing your wisdom, this will probably be the first and last time i do this sort of trip since in israel the longest drive you can do is 7 hours.
    if anyone has last minute tips i would love to hear them...
    fyi, this trip is part of a bigger trip that includes the west coast, but that will be only in september, and it will be with my friends, the east coast im doing on my own
    Wish me luck!!!

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