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    I'm visiting NY in August for the first time, I really want to visit Central Park but not in NY for long so want to make the most of it. To be honest I want to see the Ice Rink and the main things you seen in the movie.

    Can anyone give any advice and also which enterance you need to come in with the archs (i.e. In Ransom and Home Alone 2) Sad I know.

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    Default Arches

    Hmmm - do you mean Washington Arch? It's been a long time since I've seen either of these movies (not even sure if I saw Ransom). I believe that's after coming in from the Holland Tunnel.

    There are a lot of scenes in New York City that are in the movies - I think just a short walk around will net you some of those. A few subway rides will probably get you the rest, at least the most popular scenes - ie Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, etc.

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    Default The 'Fake' New York

    Tim's right. Washington Arch, seen in numerous movies, is actually in the East Village (southern Manhattan), in Washington Square Park at 5th Avenue and Waverly (roughly 4th Street). That's a good three miles from Central Park.

    If you'd like to see the spots in person that you've seen on screen, here's a good resource.

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    Thanks for the AZBuck, however the arch you've shown isn't the one I mean. It's an arch but a tunnel also with steps at one end, there's a few of them all next to each other.
    Thanks for the other link though it's very much appreciated.

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    Default In That Case

    Perhaps Bethesda Terrace Arch is what you're looking for. Here's a description and directions. Just be sure to scroll down a bit.


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    That's them AZBuck, thanks very much. Can I just confirm, don't know if you can but the Fountain that's near the archs is the fountain from the Friends Series Intro?

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    Default Believe It or Not

    I never watched "Friends", so I can't help you on that one.


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    Default Trails in Central Park.

    Alright, those arches are right by Bethseda Fountain, and I doubt it's in Friend's opening, but I could be wrong. They lead to the sort of 'plaza' by the fountain.
    There is a route you can take that will go from a pond, to the ice skating rink to the avenue of trees to the bandshell to the arches and to the fountain. The way to access it is through the south side of Central Park. The closest subway stop is the F, 57th St stop. If you walk directly to the park, there is an entrance that opens into several paths.

    The one to the ice-rink (which will be more like a fairground than a ice-rink in August) will be the path going straight ahead.
    If you take the path around the pond, it is much nicer and also takes you to the rink. This one is down the stairs to your right.
    When you get to the rink, you'll see the Dutch House behind it, which is an information center also. There is a path that goes to the back of it, follow the road to the right and you'll see the avenue of trees which will lead you to the bandshell to the buried treasure ;) - your arches.

    Tip:On weekends in the summer, usually around 6pm, there is a sort of mini jam session that occurs near the bandshell with people playing drums and dancing- lots of fun!

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    Thanks for all the advice mikphire, much appreciated.

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    Default *you're welcome*

    anytime :)
    enjoy your visit!

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