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    Default Ice Cream Brain Freeze?

    We receive all sorts of press releases here at the RTA office -- this one caught my eye -- The city of Snohomish (WA) is hosting the Kla Ha Ya Days the third week of July and one of the events is an ice cream eating contest -- hence the brain freeze.... This and other fun local events (for NW Washington) are online here.


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    Default Even worse than hitting your funny-bone!

    How funny...if I didn't have to drive to Seattle to get to it, I'd be tempted to check it out!

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    Default Rock Island, Illinois' Ya Ya Gumbo

    This June, the "District" in Rock Island is sponsoring a Ya Ya Gumbo weekend. As you might be able to guess, there will be lots of Cajun flavors and sounds. "Bon Ton Roulet."

    In August, they have a Ya Maka My Weekend part over three days. This one has lots of Caribbean-themed activities. "Don't worry, be ______."
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    Default Not very social of me, but...

    I'm always afraid to eat Louisiana food outside of Louisiana. People are always trying to feed me Cajun Sausage or gumbo while out on the road. I always decline if they can't at least tell me what type of Cajun Sausage they have.

    You'll have to tell me how it tastes.

    Speaking of Festivals the Poke Salad Festival is happening in Blanchard, LA this weekend. I've never made it, but may have to check it out this weekend when I'm not working.


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