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  1. Default Road trip starting in Dallas - 3 English guys

    Hi there,

    I was wondering whether anyone could help us? We are 3 English guys planning on doing a 2 week road trip starting in Dallas. We are thinking of ending up in Houston and flying home from there.

    We'd like to know if it would be an interesting trip and what we could stop and see on the way? Or does anyone have any better suggestions?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!



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    Default Greetings!

    First off be sure to read Craig Antill's thread about his recent roadtrip in Texas and the Deep South. He is a fellow Englishman and witnessed a number of cool things.

    Goodness - with two weeks there is so much you can do. I'd think seriously about doing a Texas Roadtrip that encompassed such sights as the King Ranch, Big Bend National Park, plus the big cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin (must witness the bats there), San Antonio (the Alamo is there), and Galveston.

    You could also drive Highway 80 in East Texas and see the remnants of one of the richest oil fields in the world and the boomtowns it created. I did a day trip like that last year.

    Keep planning and let us know what else might sound good to y'all.


  3. Default suggestions for ya

    I actually live in the Dallas area but that's not important. But the fact that you have 2 weeks is!

    Wow, don't know what route I'd plan or what kind of stuff you're into but here's a couple of places I would hit:
    - New Orleans, LA
    - South Padre Island (a little beach time and you could walk over the border into Mexico on day trips)
    - San Antonio (river walk for a couple of nights)

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