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    Default 2 1/2 weeks east-side initial planning help!

    Hi there,

    my fiance and I are Aussies, living in London and just starting to plan our very first road across the USA. As there is so much to see I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices of where to go, and am hoping that you experienced road trippers can send a bit of advice my way.

    Tentative dates for the trip are Arrive in US Wednesday afternoon 22nd August and head back to London on the 8th or 9th September. So 17 full days to have some fun.

    Things that we want to do:
    - have no interest in going to big cities, want to stay off the highway as much as possible and stick to the 2 lane roads. We want to see the real guts of America.
    - do not want to drive all day...happy to drive for no more than really 5hrs day with days inbetween where we can spend a day seeing local sights.
    - have a real interest in seeing the deep south - Savannah is a must, drive through the plantations....Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi.
    - would love to go on a paddle boat on the Mississippi
    - head into the wild west, watch a rodeo.
    - Niagara falls would be amazing to do, as would the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and some Indian Reservations...though the last few are over on the West and I've started on the East.

    My intial thoughts were to start in Savannah, head through the deep south and work our way up towards the Grand Canyon, with a possibility of ending in Las Vegas for a couple of days before flying to London, but I'm not sure if thats just way to far to go without spending everyday driving, ultimately would like to plan for a 13 day trip and have a few days spare as we're bound to see amazing things along the way.

    As an aside, any advise you could give on good car hire companies. I'm planning on having to pay a drop-off fee as we don't want to do a round trip. What's a good budget per day to allocate for petrol? The fiance want's to hire a good ol' American car (think Thelma and Louise) this feasible? or should I be greaking the news gently to him..

    thanks in advance for getting me started


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you could have a delightful time slowly wandering from Georgia to Las Vegas via two lane roads. In fact, I think this is the kind of trip that I wouldn't plan too much, I would just slowly make my way west, enjoying what I find along the way.. It only takes about 5 days to sprint across county, so you'll easily be able to make this a nice leasurly trip under your timeline.

    I haven't found too much difference between the rental car companies and I usually just go with whoever is cheapest. Prices tend to vary quite a bit, especially for one way rentals, so just shop around and if you find a good price, then lock it in.

    I don't know of anyone off hand who rents classic cars, but nostalga aside, I think you would be far more comfortable in a modern auto. Maybe get a convertable if you want to spoil yourself.

    To help you figure your gas expenses, check out our Fuel Cost Calculator. Gas is going for $3.15 on average in the US right now, and I would figure at least $3.50, if not more, for a trip in August. Its hard to say what the exact price will be, but I'd try to error on the high side.

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    Thanks for the speedy reply. This website is just lifesaver. My main concern was that we would have to drive all the time and not stop and see the sights, but you've allayed those concerns.

    Is there any recommendations as to places/things we should see once we leave the deep south and head towards the Grand Canyon? we seem to have the start and end of the trip fixed in our minds, but wouldn't want to miss out on a 'must see' and we drive through the middle.

    We'll definitely get onto Route 66 at some stage, probably once we get to Arizona.

    I tend to agree that we would be more comfortable in a modern yes I think a convertable would be a good compromise

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    Default Much harder & more $$$ to find classics

    Quote Originally Posted by becca View Post
    I tend to agree that we would be more comfortable in a modern yes I think a convertable would be a good compromise
    None of the major car rental companies will have any cars older than about two years -- if you really wanted to cruise in a older car you would have to seek out companies like "Rent a Wreck" or other specialty-type agencies.

    In addition to drop-off charges, most car rental businesses charge a variety of sur-charges (they call them taxes) that can sometimes equal the cost of the listed rental -- click here for some information and here for an overview about insurance.


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