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    I will be taking a road trip this summer in August from NYC to San Diego, where I will be finishing this fall at SDSU. Two of my buddies (one of which I have been tight with since real little) are moving to SD with me and weve planned the following stops.

    Here is the itinerary we've worked out including approx. driving times and ticket prices for the teams that had information for those particular games available:

    Aug. 9th Braves v. Mets – 12:10 PM ($17) **Drive to Philly (1h45m)

    Aug 9th Marlins v. Phillies – 7:10 PM ($16) **Drive to Balt. (2h)

    Aug 10th Red Sox v. Orioles – 7:10 PM ($18) **Drive to Cleveland (6h30m)

    Aug 11th Yanks v. Indians – 7:05 PM () ** Drive to Detroit (2h45m)

    Aug 12th A’s v. Tigers – 1:05 PM ($15) ** Drive to Chicago (4h30m)

    Aug 13th (No Games, chillen in Chicago or w/e)

    Aug 14th Reds v. Cubs – 7:05 PM ($19) **Drive to Milwaukee (1h45m)

    Aug. 15th Cardinals v. Brewers 7:05 PM ()

    Aug 16th-19th Bummin around the Midwest, minor league games etc.

    Aug 20th – Pirates v. Rockies 7:05 PM ($9) **Drive to San Fran. ([18h] This
    one is rough, we have to haul ass from Colorado to SF if we wanna do this. 1,065 miles in one day.)**

    Aug 21st – Cubs v. Giants **Drive to Anaheim (6h20m) 7:15 PM

    Aug 22nd – Angels v. Yanks 7:05 PM ($12) **Drive to San Diego (‘bout 2 hours or so)

    I have never been to any of these cities for a significant amount of time aside from NY and SD. Any tips or suggestions of places to see (especially bars to go to) on this trip would be greatly appreciated. Particularly I'm looking for ideas for our free day in Chicago (8/13) and cool places to go to for minor lg. games between Milwaukee and Denver (8/16-8/19).

    Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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    Default So good... until the end

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You were doing really well with your plan, until you hit that San Francisco stretch.

    It simply is beyond the relm of possibilities to watch a game in Denver, and then watch another one the next day in San Francisco. The actual mileage is 1270 miles, and best case it would take you more than 22 hours.

    Even if you get out of the Rockies game and on the highway by 10 pm (optimisticly, assuming a short game and you beat traffic) you would have to drive non stop, pick up the hour from the time change, and then you would just be reaching San Francisco at 7 p.m. Of course, you'd also be facing the teeth of Bay Area Traffic during the afternoon Rush, and you'd have to find parking - which is not plentiful around "Pac-T-and-SBC" Park.

    Nevermind that trying to drive that distance without sleep is simply not safe or smart. A baseball game certainly isn't worth risking your life, which really is what you would be doing. Since you'll be based in San Diego, take a separate weekend for that stop, please.

    Now for the much more positive part, the rest of your trip looks great! The Cleveland leg will require a bit of an effort, but its still feasable. I've got my own list of tips for planning a baseball roadtrip, and it seams like you are doing well in your basic planning.

    In chicago, I'd just take the day to explore the city. I was going to suggest heading out to the West Suburbs and taking in a Kane County Cougars minor league game, but they are in Peoria taking on Ryne Sandberg's Chiefs that day. Instead, I'd just explore the city, going up in either the Hancock or Sears Towers, visiting one of the many museums, hitting Navy Pier, or just wandering some of the neighborhoods relaxing.

    BTW, in Milwaukee, make sure to get to the game plenty early so you can tailgate. Half of the fun of a Brewer game is the tailgating, which is far and away the best in baseball.

    Minor League Baseball's website does a nice job of laying out all the teams by Geography. So that should help you find some games that fit into your schedule. You'll find me watching Beloit Snappers games on a real regular basis, but you would have lots of Single-A Midwest League teams to choose from. The Swing of the Quad Cities has one of the nicest stadiums, right on the river in Davenport, IA. You'd also have some Triple-A Options, the Iowa Cubs, Omaha Royals, and Co Springs Sky Sox would also be on your route.

    Fix that SF stretch, and your well on your way, good luck!

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    The plan was to be able to catch the Yanks before they left Anaheim and still see the beautiful park in SF. I think we will set aside one day for travel and then see the SF and just catch the Angels v. Blue Jays on the 23rd.

    Whether or not it is possible/safe to rotate drivers and drive straight through to SF notwithstanding, you make a good suggestion. I'd rather take my time then rush through the last third of the trip.

    Thank you very much.


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    Default Three is the ideal number for driver rotation

    Quote Originally Posted by jwm119 View Post
    Whether or not it is possible/safe to rotate drivers and drive straight through to SF notwithstanding,
    As it turns out, three is the ideal number of drivers to safely complete a "Speed Run" but it takes diligence and attention to do it right.


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