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  1. Default TX to FL on I-10 ... give us newbies some tips!

    me and my friend are going to drive from Houston, TX to Gainesville, FL. I've not done much roadtrips before, I guess I can drive for 5-6 hours per day. any tips for safe places to stay? (maybe in New Orleans and Tallahassee?) In case that I'm in trouble, is there cellphone coverage along whole I-10? I've heard truck crashes are frequent on I-10...

    I'm not very familiar with the southern planes and just wanna avoid surprises... (in terms of safety, etc.)

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    I've made the trip to Florida from Austin once (Spring Break! Woo-hoo!) but it was a speed run and we only had a major stop in New Orleans for a couple of hours. I think that cell-phone coverage was fine, as it usually is on major highways. Besides, I-10 is through flat country so no mountains to impair transmission/reception. Still, check using your service provider's coverage map at their web-site.

    We had no problems with traffic or anything else. There was hardly any other traffic, especially at night. A lot of the highway is through forest so deer could be an issue (are there deer in those parts?).

    Never had any problems but most gas stations were fortified and some areas seemed seedy. Don't drive after sun-down if safety is a major concern. Many articles deal with safety on road trips:

    Six Tips for a Safe RoadTrip

    Chain motels, in general, are pretty good, I guess (dull, but no surprises). Super 8 and Motel 6 are cheap and OK. If the two of you are driving, you could make one stop in Mobile, Alabama or Gulfport, MS and reach Gainesville the next evening.

    You'll be going east so don't drive in the early morning to avoid eye fatigue.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default places to stay

    We used to drive from Dallas to Tampa or Orlando twice a year. We always stayed in Mobile Alabama. It was quiet and inexpensive. And it is right about half way.

    You should be able to find plenty of places to stay.

    although I will say that we haven't made this drive in a few years so I can't make any promises about what it is like now.

    If you stick to the highway you should be fine.

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    Default I-10 isn't dangerous

    Quote Originally Posted by cingular View Post
    me and my friend are going to drive from Houston, TX to Gainesville, FL. I've not done much roadtrips before,
    Must be a good time to start now then? Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!
    I guess I can drive for 5-6 hours per day.
    It is about 860 miles and if you only drive six hours per day, it will take you most of three days to cover this distance.
    In case that I'm in trouble, is there cellphone coverage along whole I-10?
    I would say you will have no problem with cell coverage in that stretch.
    I've heard truck crashes are frequent on I-10...
    I am not aware of any statistics that would indicate this is bad route for truck accidents.


  5. Default thanks guys!

    it was great advice.

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    Default Truckers

    I traveled the 10 from Cali to Austin Texas. Then when I moved from Austin to NC, I traveled the 10 until....I forget where I curved and went North but my point here is watch the truckers. they are your friend, not your enemy on the road. Those guys have eyes for miles in all directions. they get on their radios and let eachother know what accidents are coming up and cops and all that. so if you see a bunch pulling off the road, it might be a good idea to follow because they will be going around something like that.

    on my trip to Texas I had a trucker flashing his bright REAR lights at me. Freaked me out so I slowed down to see what he wanted. Turns out he was warning me of the cop sitting a mile ahead just waiting for me to blow past him at 100mph.

    So trust the big truckers. But only from your car on the road. You can never be too careful aproching strangers at truck stops.

    And stop at the welcome center when you get into Mississippi. They have a giant spider thats a 100 or so feet tall. quite a sight.

    good luck!

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