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    Default Plan my leg - St. George to... Santa Fe or Denver?

    We're planning a month long cross country road trip, WAHOO! (This will be my sixth cross-country trip, but first with Hubby and 1yr. old. Full trip = Portland, OR to Philadelphia and back.)

    Anyway... we are definitely stopping in St. George, UT and the next definite stop will be Wichita, KS (family visits) but we haven't decided HOW to get there.

    So fabulous road trippers, give me your best route! Make a case for staying in Santa Fe vs. Denver or vice versa. What drive-by sites must we see? Would it be worth stopping in Four-Corners (I've never been there before).

    *We're NOT going to the Grand Canyon, we've both seen it and we don't have time.
    *We DO want to drive through the tunnel in Zion's National park.
    *I love art, so there's a bonus for Santa Fe... but we may have a free place to stay in Denver.
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    Default If I Had All the Time in the World

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    My preferred route would be to follow secondary state highways, like UT-12, UT-24, UT-95 and CO-90 through south central Utah to reach US-50 through the heart of Colorado. But I really would need at least a couple of days to get from St. George to Pueblo going that way, plus another day to Wichita. That would be a gorgeous drive, but is probably too much with an infant, and 'civilization' is pretty sparse going that way.

    St. George to Wichita using I-15 and I-70 is the most direct and fastest way, but at 1150 miles is a hard two days at a minimum. Denver may be too far (630 miles) to reach in one day from St. George, but there are a number of things to do there if you want to spend some time, including the Denver Art Museum.

    To come by way of Santa Fe is possible, but compounds the problems of the Denver route. Santa Fe is 665 miles from St. George, so really is getting beyond the pale of what's possible in one day's driving, and the total trip length gets up to 1240 miles and is again getting closer to 3 days than days. If you come this way, you can add Four Corners easily enough. It will actually be a little shorter in miles, but longer in time than the fastest route through Santa Fe.

    So, do I have a final route recommendation for you? Nope, it's too personal a decision and depends on factors I don't know, like how much time you have and how well you all travel. But you're really looking at at least two hard days no matter how you go, with 2 and a half to three more likely. In the end, I think it's a decision between your desire to see Four Corners (I've been there and I guess every one should go once in their lives) and Santa Fe, vs The Rockies and Denver.


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    Default I really like the San Rafael Swell

    Quote Originally Posted by amberlynn View Post
    Anyway... we are definitely stopping in St. George, UT and the next definite stop will be Wichita, KS (family visits) but we haven't decided HOW to get there.
    Like AZBuck suggests, the route chosen will be the one that works best for you... That being said, I really like the San Rafael Swell of eastern Utah and all of the side roads that I-70 offers in the Colorado Rockies.

    Here is the route I would suggest:

    I-15 to I-70 Here is an article about the views from the highway and one from just off the main road.

    Then I would cut south on US-50 at Grand Junction and drive the famous and gorgeous Million Dollar Highway to Durango (and maybe take the time to ride the train!)

    Next, I would head east on US-160 before heading to Wichita.


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