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    My wife and I are soon to travel to visit relatives in Canada. Whilste there we intend to buy an old tow vehicle and an old travel trailer, (in Engand we call them caravans) 16 or 18 foot, and spend 20weeks touring Canada and USA.
    Bearing in mind that on return in October we will have to more or less give the rig away. what old car/truck would you advise buying??. I fancy a Ford Explorer I had one here in UK but the oil pump went @ only 78000 miles and I am now a bit wary of them! The main concern of course would be something with a sound transmision. I used to belong to a gliding club here, and we used to buy old US military trucks to tow up gliders the tranies seem to be made of iron they just went on and on. can't remember the make of vehicle tho'
    Any comment would be apreciated I will be buying the vehicle in Canada so it should be available there, thanks.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America forum!

    The question of purchasing a vehicle for a trip comes up rather frequently on this forum, here is a recent thread about purchasing a vehicle in Canada.

    The big issue (always) is the budget. Generally, the more you have to spend, the greater your chances of finding something that will meet your needs. I know the old US military vehicles were generally built for severe duty, but I don't know that I'd want to be driving around for almost half of a year in one. I am envisioning a deuce and a half here...

    Here is another link with some ideas about purchasing a vehicle while visiting. The issue seems to be off-loading it at the end of the trip.

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