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    Default Southern states roadtrip

    We're flying into Memphis in June for 2 weeks. For work reasons we need to spend the first two and last two days in Memphis.
    We want to spend the interim 9-10 days driving round the south. We want to visit Oxford, Mississippi and Savannah but other than that we're open to suggestions.
    Any ideas folks?

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    Default Wow, that's vague!

    Give us a clue here... what do you want to see and do on your trip? We could list dozens and dozens of places that we might visit if we were in your shoes but, if they're not of interest to you, we'll be wasting your time reading our replies! :)

    I see from your profile that you list music as one of your interests. Obviously Memphis has huge musical connections which you may like to explore. You could also visit Tupelo, New Orleans, Nashville and a host of other towns and cities with musical roots. You might get a few ideas from this article.

    Also in Memphis you will find the National Civil Rights Museum which I personally found fascinating. The whole of the south is a shrine to the civil rights movement and there are numerous museums, monuments and memorials to explore if that was of interest to you.

    Come back with the sort of thing that you're looking for and we can surely offer some suggestions!

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    Default sorry, you're right

    We want to steer well clear of interstates. Interested, mainly, in small towns. Not overly bothered with museums. Been to New Orleans previously so not too bothered about going again. Looking for the quirky and off-the-beaten track. That's a bit better, no?

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    I've done a couple of trips in the area but, due to limited time, I had no choice but to stick primarily to the interstates to cover the mileage I needed to do to see everything I wanted to, so not sure I can help that much with small towns, I'm afraid.

    One place that I visited was Natural Bridge of Alabama which, although not spectacular, was definately quirky. At least the woman running it was...

    There's all manner of quirky places you could visit and I'm sure someone else will be able to make specific suggestions.

    How far are you willing to travel?

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    Default well...

    I figure we'll be doing a loop with Memphis, or perhaps Little Rock, being the Westernmost side and Savannah being the furthest east. And the Great Smokey the furthest north. Does that make sense?

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    Default Small Southern Towns

    Your route seems resonable. The South is full of small towns, but they aren't all quaint and pretty. Your best bet is to just pick a highway, as opposed to an interstate, and just drive along it. Pick one that gets you to where you are going, appears to pass through some nice landscape and keep you eyes peeled for odd signs along the road or a town that looks like it interests you.

    I haven't done a lot of traveling in the part of the south you're heading to, but I've done some extensive travelling in Louisiana, East Texas and Arkansas. I've taken several day trips where my focus was only to drive down a highway that looked cool on the map and I've had quite a few interesting adventures along the way.

    When you do stop in a town. See if there is an information center. If not just stop at a well used gas station/restaurant where all the locals are usually hanging out. They'll usually be more than willing to help and be willling to talk about where you're from. Southerners are usually very nosy.


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    Default Sounds good!

    I recently visited Little Rock and found it quite an interesting area. The Little Rock Central High School is an absolute must and, after you've been there, you should straight to the Capitol State Building an look for this interesting sculpture which you will have huge sympathy with after visiting the school.

    If you can stretch your journey a little further to the west, be sure to check out Garvan Woodland Gardens, the Anthony Chapel is absolutely stunning. Whilst you're in that area, visit Hot Springs National Park where you may want to indulge yourself! Be sure to drive up into the mountains while you are there.

    I am confused by Savannah. I presumed innitially that you were talking about Savannah in Tennessee but, with you mentioning your intention to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I am now thinking you're talking about the one in Georgia?

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    Default Savannah, Georgia

    I've read a lot of good things about it. I realise it's going to be touristy but, hey, I have to do some of the obvious things.
    We might even aim to get to Melungeon country if we can.

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    Default With you!

    Okay, with you now! If you make it up as far as Nashville, I'd appreciate any feedback, as I'm planning my own trip up there in August. Actually, it'd be good if you could post a little update from your travels on the RoadTrip Field Reports section of this site.

    I never made it as far as Savannah but I did visit Myrtle Beach (too commercial for my liking, but great state parks) and Charleston which was good.

    I'd agree with the 'stop at a visitor/welcome center' suggestion, it can produce some great finds.

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    Default you're right

    I've done 7 road trips now. I really should give a little back!

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