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  1. Default winter road trip from daytona to nh

    we will be traveling from daytona, fl (daytona 500!!!) back to new hampshire in our conversion van in 2008. we are interested in hearing about interesting places to see and stay along the coast on the way back home. would appreciate any ideas and thoughts into our planning. thank you.

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    "Interesting" is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but some of the places I've found most enjoyable along the east coast include the Kennedy Space Center just south of Daytona, particularly if a launch is scheduled, but worth a visit anytime; Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC for their gracious southern charm, history and great pulled pork barbecues; the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the ferry rides (particularly the long one from Cedar Island to Ocracoke) and unspoiled beaches; the Eastern Shore of Maryland for a way north that is a welcome change from the Richmond/Washington/Baltimore urban corridor; the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area where PA, NJ and NY meet; and finally the Catskills and Berkshires into New England. There have been lots of posts on these areas, so you should take the time to use the Search function to poke around the forums and see what people have had to say about them. Your main route up the east coast is, of course, I-95, and one of the best descriptions we've found of what's available directly along it is this book.


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    Default Good to see another race fan!

    Kennedy certainly sounds interesting, to me at least. Must get myself along there someday. In fact it's rather tempting to follow betty lou's lead and tie it in with a trip to Daytona!

    Do you face your own race to get back home after the chequered flag, or do you have a few extra days to spend milling around/taking detours?

    If you have a bit of spare time then you could do head along the coast, visit Savannah and Charleston, then pick up the I-77 northbound towards Charlotte, NC where pretty much all the Nextel Cup, Busch and Craftsman teams, along with a whole heap of others, are based. You can tour a lof of race shops which could tie in nicely with the purpose of your trip.

    If you leave Daytona early Monday morning you could get up to Mooresville in time to see the haulers be reloaded and setting off for the Fontana race the following weekend... it'd be a great time to be a visitor. Be aware that, with the huge drive to the opposite coast ahead of them, the teams aren't 'back at the house' for a second longer than they absolutely need to be. I popped into Mooresville last year, a few days after the Talladega race, and we saw huge numbers of haulers heading north along the I-77, heading for their next race, leaving the town deserted!

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