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    Hello everyone! My friend and I are moving from MI to CA in Dec. (Yes, I know its a ways away, but I like to plan and be prepared), but I wanted to come here to get some words of wisdom from all you experienced roadtrippers!!!

    This is a bit long...

    I am from MI, just moved to NY so I will have to drive from NYC back to MI, pick up my friend/roommate and then move to LA. Obviously this is a lot of driving, and I don't really want to do it all at once, but if there is ANY advice anyone has, I would really appreciate it!!!

    I am sure some of you have taken this trip before and I was wondering what the best route would be? I have never driven that far and will have about $500 for gas (I used the fuel calculator and it says the 2300 miles (mi to ca)would cost about $300).

    I am also wondering how we would find the best places to stop and rest along the way? Camping is out because neither one of us even own any type of camping gear (we will be traveling in 1999 cougar with a trailor attached so there wouldn't be any room to store any gear anyways.). I would rather book a hotel in advance, but is that the smartest thing to do?

    I really am looking for the cheapest way to get there, not necessarily the fastest way...we will have about $4000 to spend, including gas, lodging, and apartment costs.

    My friend and I like to drive fast and don't sleep much (I have driven 12 hrs straight before) but I really would like to see the scenic routes of the west...and I definitely want to take route 66 at least SOME of the way.

    Any suggestions???

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    Default Cheapest isn't always best!

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Where in California are you planning to go? Its hard to give you any good route information when your destination is an area larger than some countries!

    Booking hotels in advance is often the cheapest way to go. Often there will be internet and prebooking discounts that aren't given to walk up customers (then again if you haggle, anything is possible). Just keep an eye on the cancellation policies in case something comes up.

    The fastest route is also often the cheapest route. Putting it simply, the more time you are on the road, the more time you are spending money on the road, so if money is the most important factor, then you should look at taking a direct interstate route spread out over about 5 days of driving - a good pace for the mileage you provided.

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    Thanks for replying so quickly!
    We will be moving to the LA area, preferrably West Hollywood or even Santa Monica. As far as the route goes, I want to take in the scenery, but I don't want to be driving for 5 there anything you can recommend? I went to yahoo maps and they gave some directions (going through iowa, nebraska, etc.) saying it would take about 31 hours to drive straight through. But it seems like Route 66 has the "fun" states (texas, NM, etc.). So i guess my question, or one of them, would be what takes longer?
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    To LA you could take I-80, I-70, or I-40 as your primary route across the west. As long as you are sticking to one of those three main options, the difference in mileage is tiny, so your travel time won't be significantly different. If the path of Route 66 (I-55,I-44,I-40) looks the most interesting to you, then by all means take it.

    Regardless of which one of those routes you choose, you're going to be looking at right around 2300-2400 miles. I would recommend 5 days, but you could push it up to 4 days without too much stress. Just keep in mind, if you try to do this trip in 4 days, you'll have to expect to be on the road 10-11 hours per day. Google's 31 hour estimate isn't even close to accurate: You'd have to AVERAGE 75 mph for your entire trip to do that, which wouldn't even be possible with a police escort. 55-57 mph is generally the best you'll average over a day when you include traffic slowdowns and just the most basic of stops for food and fuel.

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    Thank you so much for your help!!!!! I really appreciate it!

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