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    Default 10 day road trip from DFW - HELP

    My parents are planning a small vacation in the middle of May. They live in the DFW area in Texas are planning on being gone about 10 days. My mom has asked me for ideas and I am stumped.

    My mom would like them to drive somewhere and would like them to be able to take their time getting there and back. Flying would be ok too if the destination was interesting enough. My dad has suggested Vegas, Disney, or a cruise but I think my mom would prefer something less ambitious and exhausting. My mom has a bad knee and it is difficult for her to be on her feet all day. She would like something more casual.

    Can someone help me with some suggestions on places they might like to go?


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    Default How about a non-planned trip?

    I"m thinking that if your mom's knee makes it hard to stand for long, that they should avoid flying. I don't know if I'm just getting older or if the seats really are getting closer together but the last time I flew, I was having back problems. I was in extreme discomfort, bordering on agony, the entire trip. I just couldn't get comfortable. I would imagine knee pain would make a similar trip?

    Can she sit in the car comfortably for long periods of time? If so, then I would sure lean toward a roadtrip. A cruise could work, too. Cruises leave from Galveston and New Orleans so they could drive there. Cruise ships have elevators and you can be as active or as sedate as you want. When we went on a cruise my husband was exhausted from a particularly hectic and stressful year at work so he found several places on the ship where he particularly enjoyed sitting, that provided some good people-watching and read/slept there for hours each day. I, on the other hand, joined him periodically and then would get up and do things. It made for a great trip for both of us. He was active on shore-trips and you can pick any kind of shore-trip that suits your physical abilities and interests.

    There are dozens of options for a fun roadtrip from that area. What kind of things are they interested in? What do they like to do and see when they're traveling? It's hard to give blanket advice without knowing some of this information.

    To be honest, between the knee and the lack of a strong desire to go a certain place, I think this is a great opportunity to go on a meandering trip with no set plan. Just get in the car and go, drive down any road that grabs their fancy, and enjoy the serendipitous discoveries along the way. If they find a place that grabs their heart, they can stay there a night or a week. I have always enjoyed these types of trips and find discoveries that I never knew existed. And, sometimes, these discoveries are close to home. I can be fun and satisfying with the right mind-set.

    But if you want to come back and give us some feedback on the types of things that interest them and any other information that would give us a feel for what would work for them, please do.

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    Default Hot springs near Terlingua!

    Quote Originally Posted by TravelingAg View Post
    My mom has a bad knee and it is difficult for her to be on her feet all day. She would like something more casual.
    I sometimes have problems with my knee -- I like going to hot springs and there are some nice ones near Big Bend NP -- here is an article we published about some that I think might be a good match. Plus, the music entertainment at night in Terlingua is quite good and very relaxing.


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    Default what they like to do

    They like to do just about anything - except for outdoor activities like hiking or boating, etc.

    Dad likes history and musuems. And pipe organs! And plants. And engineering.

    Mom likes shows (sometimes) and socializing and seeing new places.

    They both enjoy visiting new places and seeing whatever there is to see.

    I know that sounds vague but I think it is a good thing. It means that they are open to all the possibilities.

    Mom's knee isn't as bad as you may have thought. She's fine to fly (as long as its not overseas) or riding in the car. Especially if she can stretch it. Her only real problem is stairs and steep hills. Dad's first suggetion was a few days at Disney (which they both LOVE) but I don't think shes up to being on her feet for 12 hours a day.

    She had suggested the Texas hill country. And maybe make an attempt to see the Marfa lights. But what else could they do on the way there and back? I don't think they would enjoy Big Bend (since they can't really take full advantage of what the park has to offer) but maybe some other places near there.

    I will look into the hot springs, etc near Terlingua like you mentioned.

    She also mentioned a trip up to Branson Missouri. But so far I dont think that would be there style. What else is there to do there besides the shows? The ones I saw listed on the Branson web site did not look like something that would keep them interested for long.

    They also thought about catching a flight to Vegas (I just got back from there so it was on their minds) but they are not big gamblers and they would both have trouble after a while walking so much.

    They always enjoy seeing the hidden treasure type of sights. Something unique.

    Thanks for your help so far. I'll keep checking back.

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