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  1. Default First roadtrip, looking for advice! (DC -> RI)

    Hello, this is going to be my first solo road trip and I was hoping to get some advice on a route from DC to Rhode Island (going to visit my friend in Providence) that doesn't involve using the New Jersey Turnpike/going through New York, which is what mapquest/google keeps suggesting. :/

    I know the above routes are the "fastest" but the prospect of tons of traffic is not that exciting to me so I'd rather go out of the way, maybe see some new sights, and avoid the headache. Anyone have any ideas or can share a route they went before? I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    Default Try These

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    You are not alone in wishing to avoid New York City traffic. A discussion of alternatives to the New Jersey Turnpike and I-95 through NYC begins with this post and continues for a few further ideas. I'm sure one of them will suit your needs.

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    AZ Buck's thread has some solid advice. Although it will add time and many miles to your trip a sensible solution would be take I-70 Northwest to Hagerstown, MD and follow I-81 which runs parallel to I-95. In Scranton, PA you'd take I-84 and head northeast, thru NY and thru CT. Before Hartford, CT you could take Rt9 to I-95 and head straight to RI.

    It's pretty straight forward driving and some very pretty scenery (especially through PA and NY)and avoid alot of traffic and tolls. And you avoid the stench of Elizabeth, NJ. ;)

    BTW I live less than a mile from I-84 in the Hudson Valley.

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    Thank you for the advice! I like the sound of your directions, grant, because I don't like having to make too many connections where I always have to be looking for exit signs and such. Plus it looks like another person mentioned the same route in the thread AZ Buck linked, which he said actually only adds about 20 mi. I can do this!


    Assuming I take a break every 2-3 hrs, could anyone give me a rough idea how long this trip would take?

    Also, any notable stops near the road? Food or attraction, doesn't matter what them - I just like interesting and close. :)

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    Default Stops Along the Way

    Driving 2-3 hour legs would have you stopping roughly every 150 miles. Below is one possible set of stops where you can get out of the car, get some exercise, and refresh your mind in some natural settings:

    1) Just past Harrisburg, PA: Memorial Lake State Park
    2) Port Jervis, NY: Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
    3) South of Hartford, CT: Dinosaur State Park

    This is going to be an all day trip, with roughly 11 hours of behind-the-wheel time plus whatever time you spend gassing up, eating and recreating.


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