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    We are planning on driving from Portland Or to Las Vegas in early June.
    We can't figure out the best way to go, we are moving our daughter to las Vegas and flying back, so time is important..later on we plan to take a more leisurly drive in that direction. Our choices seem to be Portland to Bakersfiled Ca to cut across to I15 into Vegas, or I84 through the Columbia River gorge to Boise, pick up I15 through Salt Lake City into Las Vegas. Another route seems to be to go down I93 from Twin Falls Id through Nevada, we're afraid this might be a little too desolate. We would appreciate any help
    Ruth & Bob

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    Default Most direct is usually the best on a move!

    Quote Originally Posted by ruthbob View Post
    We are planning on driving from Portland Or to Las Vegas in early June.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum & thanks for "hanging in there" until you figured out how to post!
    We can't figure out the best way to go, we are moving our daughter to las Vegas and flying back,
    On a road trip of this nature, it is usually the best course of action to simply get there... In this case, the most direct and easiest route would that first one: Portland >> I-5 >> Bakersfield CA-53 >> I-15 >> Las Vegas. This route is about 1150 miles and if you drive ten hours per day you can make it two days. If you drive 8 hours, it will take about 2.5 days.

    I have driven the other routes several times -- I like them all. But I-5 is still the best bet in many ways.

    You can use some of the online trip planners for more information. Our review of the best can be read here.


  3. Default I-5 is probably your best bet...

    For a first trip, I'd recommend the I-5 to Bakersfield area, then the 58 east to Barstow and up the I-15 to Las Vegas. The I-5 is a major route -- full time cell coverage, lots of services, and you can travel safely at a high speed limit. Same with the I-15.

    When I ran this through the usual internet mapping engine I use ( it came up with the fastest route as being down I-5 to Eugene, then over to 97 south to the 395 south at Alturas through Reno, and down to Lone Pine, and then east on 168/268, and then down 95 from near Cuperite. But when I looked at the times on the two routes, they were different by less than 5 minutes...

    This is definitely a 2 day trip, though -- it'd be at least 18-20 hours in the car to do. If you do the I-5 route, you have the option of switching to the I-99 down the eastern side of the California Central Valley at Sacramento, which takes you through a string of medium sized towns. The I-99 is a good freeway, but isn't quite as fast as the I-5, but you might want to consider it since it takes you through the more populated side of the Central Valley with more towns and places to stop for the night. Places to stop would range from Los Banos (on the I-5) to Merced, Fresno, Visalia, or Bakersfield to put you at about the 50% drive point.

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    Thank you...we think the I5 route is the way to go especially, now, that due to escrow closing we will be making this trip MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, it should be easier to spend the Friday night around Bakersfield instead of Salt Lake City..Thanks again

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    Default What about crossing Nevada?

    Nobody has mentioned my preferred route. I-5 to Mt. Shasta, 89/44/395 to Reno, and 95 to Vegas. I've driven all 3 routes and I like this one the best for scenery. The only part that isn't just interstate driving is the section for I-5 to Reno. However, that section is comparable to driving up around Mt. Hood. It's only a short section of the drive and it's absolutely gorgeous. Figure 2 days with a stop in Reno for the night.

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