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    Default The adventure has begun....

    well my trip started a week ago, so i've been pretty busy driving and getting stuff sorted out... and when i have got on the internet, i've always been in a rush with everything, emails, websites, news etc

    anyway... i've got some stuff up there finally, so peruse at your leisure:

    my website

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    Default Very cool!

    Quote Originally Posted by dbulmer View Post
    well my trip started a week ago, so i've been pretty busy driving
    David, it is cool that you are still able to post here -- we'll certainly be checking out your site as things develop. When you can, please post some tidbits here -- since we do have that rule about using this Forum as a an advertising venue...

    Great to hear you are actually out there! David's trip was first discussed here!


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    sure thing....

    first tip: there are lots and lots of free parking around both Canyonlands and Arches National Parks... a good one i found was one that was 20 miles south of Moab... nice looking spot, was kinda close to the main road, but had toilets and water fountains.... something that not all rest stops do

    second tip: when buying an RV as a foreigner, try and get the dealer to take care of it.... maybe i was lucky, but when i arrived there he had all the paperwork sorted for me... i just had to sign.... it maybe scary to buy before you see, but if you speak to them enough on the phone, you can get a good feel for the person

    i'll update more when i can...i apologise if it seems like i'm advertising.... its just that its hard to post large quantities of text on all the forums, when it can be found in one place

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