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    We are planning a summer road trip with a 9 & 12 year old. We have always wanted to go to NY. We would like tips on where we should go on the way there and back. We will have 2 weeks to do this. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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    Lubbock to New York is roughly 1900 miles, depending on exactly how you go, so that's at least 4 days each way. That still leaves you 6 days or so to see New York City and other places along the way. There are (at least) two different ways you can go, so you may want to use one of them to New York and the other on the way home.

    The first has you starting out on I-27 up to Amarillo and getting on I-40 to Oklahoma City and then I-44 to St. Louis. From there I-70 takes you to Harrisburg, PA, where a short drive up I-81 will bring you to I-78 which will take you into NYC. A couple of stops that might appeal to you along this route are the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH, and not too far off your route, Gettysburg National Military Park.

    The second (described here as a return trip, although you can take these in either direction) would have you come south on I-95 from New York with stops for the great historic sites in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington. You would then take I-66 west out of Washington and follow either I-81 or Skyline Drive down through the Shenandoah Valley, and the Blue Ridge Parkway along the spine of the Appalachians to the Great Smoky Mountains. From here, you would get back onto I-40 through Nashville, Memphis and Little Rock to Amarillo and back down to Lubbock.

    If you or your children have special interests, we can probably recommend specific sites along both of those routes to keep everybody enjoying the trip


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    Okay, that leaves me thinking maybe we shouldn't shoot for NY - we could always fly there at a later date. Basically, we are wanting to see the east coast and thought NY would be our last destination. We are interested in the scenery most of all, seeing things that we have never seen on the west, finding some fun things for the kids. What would you recommend? We have 2 weeks.

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    Default I'm a Bit Confused

    What is it about going to NYC that leaves you thinking that it's a bad idea. Is it the 4 days to get there? You're at least 3 days from anywhere on the Atlantic coast. Even the Gulf coast is at least a very hard day's drive away. Kids do remarkably well on long drives as long as you break up the day with an occasional stop for them to blow off steam. If 4 days is too far to travel, how far are you willing to go?

    Kids also don't care to much for scenery. It's nice and all, but they typically want more activity than just looking at pretty vistas. What activities appeal to your children? What is it that you want them to take away from this experience?


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    Default It's not as bad

    As It sounds. I am from Texas,my family lives an hour south of San Antonio and have made this trip 2 times from Rhode Island to Texas in 3 day's with a 2 year old and 5 year old. We do drive 12 hrs a day's to get there quicker. Our kids do get frustrated in the car but we make sure we stop at rest area's or other place so they can run around. It does help that we play game's in the car and they also have a DVD player.Good Luck and I hope you decide to make the trip. We are actually making the trip once again at the end of May and we are all looking forward to it.

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