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    Hi all-

    Planning a road trip to Louisville Kentucky this spring from Greenwich CT (30 minutes from NYC). Any ideas on the best route to take? Mapquest gave me a more northern route through Ohio, but heard it might be better to go a little more south. First time I've made this trip, so any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks!

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    You've got three basic options for your trip, and whichever one appeals most to you is the one that's the best. From north to south, they are:

    1) I/80/I-71: Across northern Pennsylvania to Akron, Ohio and then southwest. This route is about 800 miles and I-80 is quite scenic.

    2) I-78/I-76/I-70/I-71: Across southern Pennsylvania, through Wheeling to Columbus and then southwest. This route is around 780 miles and is the shortest of the three, but will incur tolls (~$9.50) on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. On the other hand, you get to go through some tunnels.

    3) I-78/I-81/I-68/I-79/I-64: Diagonally across southeastern Pennsylvania, through the Maryland panhandle and down through central West Virginia before heading west through the Bluegrass area of Kentucky. This route is the longest of the three at 830 miles but is very scenic and has a ton of historical venues along it.

    So you see that the three possibilities differ by maybe 50 miles and an hour at most. Each has its good and bad points, and any of them will serve you well.


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