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    Were planning a trip this summer and would like to include San Diego to Las Vegas with a stop at the Grand Canyon.

    Leaving San Diego on Monday at noon and would like to arrive in Vegas Tuesday Afternoon.

    Either north or south rim of the Grand Canyon is fine.

    What would be the best (and fastest) route?
    Thanks for all your help
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You'll be able to do this, but you aren't going to have much time to enjoy the views.

    First, the north rim won't be feasable on this timetable.

    Second, your only real option will be to take I-15 to I-40 to Williams, AZ, and then cut north to the Grand Canyon. This is an all day trip, and if you aren't leaving SD until noon, it will be dark by the time you arrive.

    That will leave you Tuesday morning to view the Canyon, but remember, it is another 5+ hour trip back to Las Vegas, so depending upon what time in the afternoon you want to reach LV, you're only going to have at most couple hours to look around.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Which area of the Grand Canyon would you recommend most?

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    Default Not really sure what you mean

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidZ View Post
    Which area of the Grand Canyon would you recommend most?
    The only places you drive to (in a conventional vehicle) are the south rim (where Grand Canyon Village is and where about 90% of visitors go), the north rim and the west rim (which is not part of national park). They all have their benefits, but given your time parameters, I would recommend the south rim (with the time constraints mentioned above). Here is a quick overview of what can be seen at the national park.

    Here are some possible routing suggestions between San Diego and Las Vegas


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