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    Hey, My buds and I are looking to get some ideas for our senior trip. We live in Central Ohio and were thinking about just heading South for a road trip. We really dont have any idea as to where our final destination would be. All that we know is we want to be gone for about 8-9 days and we want to stop in Memphis. Any help

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbaldwin View Post
    Hey, My buds and I are looking to get some ideas for our senior trip.
    Welcome to the Great America RoadTrip Forum! Is this a private trip or will it be party sponsored by your school? How many seniors will be going? How much money would you like to spend? What kinds of possible destinations interest you? We have several resources for you to use as begin the planning process.

    An overview of road trip expenses
    A tool for estimating the fuel part of the costs
    A quiz to give to all of your traveling buds to make sure you will be as compatible on the road as you are hanging at home.
    A quick primer on using online-planning tools


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    Well, you certainly have a lot of options, and not just in where to go. You can make the trip all about being on the road or seeing a particular destination or two. You can enjoy night life in cities or camp out under the stars. You and your friends should first sit down, take our RoadTip Compatibility Quiz and figure out what kind of trip you want to take. Also plan a day or two in the middle where you each go your separate ways, maybe just wandering different parts of a city, because no matter how good of friends you are, 9 days of 24 hour together time will get to be too much.

    Now, where to go. If Memphis is absolutely on your list, then I'd suggest a trip following the Ohio and Mississippi downstream, hitting such places as Louisville,Vicksburg, and maybe getting as far as New Orleans. On the way back, you can work your way up the Natchez Trace Parkway, visit Nashville, and hike through Mammoth Cave National Park.


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    The trip will be private. There will be 3-4 18 year old males. We are planning to go through Nashville and Memphis, I've been there before and it was a blast. We really dont know where we want to go, besides going South, or what we want to do. We want to do whatever would be fun for 18 year old anyhelp would be sweet...thanks guys!



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