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    Default From Cary North Carolina - San Francisco, California

    Hey everyone,

    Thank GOD for this website....


    I'm arriving in Raleigh Durham North Carolina on the 30th June this year!

    and im planning to do a road trip with my gf.

    Im from London, UK. Hopefully i will get my driving liscence in time before i get there so i can contribute to this amazing summer plan...

    I was wondering if you have any helpful info in regards to where our destinations finishes...

    We are headed to San Fransiscooooooooo!!!!!

    We definately would like to see Las Vegas, and visit New Orleans if possible...
    Can anyone help me please?

    I'd gladly and greatfully appreciate it!!
    Thank you
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    Default Big Decisions First

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We can start you with some ideas of what one of your fellow countrymen found interesting on his visit, and lead you to a set of threads about the area between Las Vegas and San Francisco. Also be sure to check out the "Similar Threads" listed at the bottom of this page.

    As far as the cross country portion between North Carolina and the west, you're going to have to make a couple of basic choices to start with. You'll have to decide how many days you have for that drive first of all. Four or five is probably the absolute minimum between Cary and Las Vegas, but that won't allow you to see much other than what's right beside the motorway. By the same token, New Orleans is a fair bit off the direct route, so you'll have to decide whether the extra time and miles necessary to see it are within your budget. I think that the best thing you could do at this point is to get a good road map or atlas of the US and start seeing what routes are available to you and how they fit in with your general plans. The, once you've got an idea of the framework of the trip, let us know what your specific interests are and we can help make sure that you don't miss anything that you'd regret along the way.


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