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    Default From Detroit to Virginia Beach--scenic route, stop offs?

    In August, my girlfriend and I are going on a week-long road trip from our hometown in the Detroit area to Virginia Beach to see the Atlantic. Mapquest says its about a 12 hour drive using interstates, but we want to take scenic routes because it's more about the trip than the destination, even though Virginia Beach seems a beautiful place. We're college students on a budget and this is our first road trip ever.

    Are there any suggestions? Notable towns or parks or sites along the way? Thank you very much for your time.

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    Default Alternative Universes and an Alternative Route

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    First of all, Detroit to Virginia Beach is over 720 miles. In the real world, where you have to slow down for traffic and stop for gas, to eat and other things, it's going to be more like 14 hours rather than the under 12 suggested by MapQuest, so you're going to have to schedule at least a day and a half to this drive. If you can spare two, then you really will have some time to explore the back roads and attractions along the way. The 'preferred' Interstate route probably has you taking I-80/76/70/95/64 through Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Washington. A scenic (but slower) alternative might leave the Ohio Turnpike at exit 7 and cut south through central Ohio on OH-13 to Zanesville, and then pick up OH-50, the Amish Country Byway to I-77 and Charleston, WV. From there you can cross through West Virginia on US-60, the Midland Trail to pick up I-64 for the remainder of your drive to Virginia Beach.


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