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    Hello! My boyfriend and I are planning a 26 day road trip this summer. We are planning on going from Seattle to Washington DC (to spend time with family) then head back. We have many places that we are interested in visiting. Our tentative itinerary is on our website

    We are hoping to save $ by camping and/or sleeping in the back of our station wagon (at truck stops or camp sites).

    We would love any feedback on our route, time frame or other places of interest. We have never made a road trip like this before. In fact, we have only made 3-4 day road trips.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It looks like you've got a pretty basic straightforward route. However, I might change it up a bit so you don't cover the same ground.

    Right now you've got a figure 8 pattern going, and I would probably change that so its more of a circle. So instead of going across I-90 to Chicago and then down to DC, I think I would start by heading to Salt Lake City, and then even keep going south to I-70 for a trip across the Rockies, and take I-70 all the way out towards DC. Then after you visit NY, then you can head back through Chicago, and back home via I-90.

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    Thanks for the advice. :)

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    We have now re-routed our plan so as to avoid making a figure 8. I haven't updated the map on our website but have updated the itinerary. We plan to head to Southern Idaho, then Salt Lake, then down to Colorado, then follow much of 80 East, then dip down south of Chicago and head to DC. After DC we plan to go to NYC, Chicago, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Montana and home (Washington).

    We'd read a lot of the articles on here about saving money, eating on the road, etc. We'd love any more advice, as this is our first real road trip!


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    Default National Park Pass

    Quote Originally Posted by cz2007 View Post
    We'd love any more advice, as this is our first real road trip!
    Your route will take you near several national parks and so I would recommend that you purchase a national park pass -- visiting more than two parks on your trip will save you money. Here is a list of some of the non-national parks you can stop at along I-80.


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