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    Hi all, I'm heading to NYC from Montreal next Friday morning (May 4). Google Maps shows a route along I87 most of the way. Is that the best/fastest way to go? Can anyway offer tips on where the cops might be "hiding" along the route? Any tips would be appreciated.

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    I-87 should be your fastest route, and since its the only interstate that directly connects the two cities, it should be significantly faster than any other option.

    I don't know of any speed traps on this route, but keeping a reasonable speed that moves along with the flow of traffic is always the best way to avoid attracting attention to yourself, and thus avoiding a traffic stop.

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    Default Speed traps

    Is that the best/fastest way to go?
    As Michael pointed it sure is the most direct route. Although you might want to consider other roads as you approach NYC (ex. : beltways through NJ) to possibly avoid traffic.

    Can anyway offer tips on where the cops might be "hiding" along the route? Any tips would be appreciated.
    The area between the border (Rouses Point) and Plattsburgh is patrolled regularly and you will see a lot of police cars parked with radars. Also, beware of Albany! As you approach NYC, just follow the traffic (unless they're going 100mph!) and everything should be ok. As for the rest, if you go 5-10 mph max over the limit, you should be ok.

    Have a safe trip!

  4. Default Advice from a "Local"

    Well, I used to be anyway. I've done the I-87 drive quite a few times. It is definitely the fastest route, and a very pretty one at that. From Plattsburgh to Glens Falls, you'll drive through Adirondack Park, and then bypass the Catskills between Albany and NYC.

    Speed limits are strictly enforced in the mountain areas. The state troopers love to sit at a siding and nail speeders as they rocket around the curves. They also love to bust people going 80 mph uphill. (It's pretty much an open and shut case for them if so.)

    As you approach the latter half of the drive (Albany to NYC), you generally have a 5-12 mph window, depending on the road conditions. If it's a foggy or rainy day, stay within 5 mph. If it's sunny and there are no other cars on the road with you, stay within 10. If there are other cars around and you're all moving pretty fast, there's nothing wrong with a 77 in a 65, particularly if you're in the right lane and not passing anyone.


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