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  1. Default from montreal to the USA!!

    Hello all!

    I am from montreal (Canada) and I often go to New York for a weekend or sometimes more pretty often.
    This time I want to go deeper to the us (more to the south)

    Can you guys recommend me a quiet place with nice hotels on the beach ?
    I do not want to make a trip for more than 12-14 hours

    Montreal - New york is about 7 hours and I am willing to make the double to go to a warm place with a nice beach .

    Can you help me out ?
    Thanks alot for the support.

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    Default Two Possibilities

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    At the very far end of your stated range (and maybe a bit farther) you get to the northern end of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This would be ideal, particularly if you could get down a ways to some of the smaller towns like Avon or Buxton, but it's up to you if you want to drive that far. A little closer are the "Quiet Resorts" of the southern Delaware shore. I've spent many summers in both Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island, and these places are distinctly different from their more boisterous neighbors like Rehobeth Beach, DE and Ocean City, MD, but still, the nightlife of those places is close by if you want a change of pace during your stay.


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    wow thanks for the quick reply ...
    Any other suggestions?
    I want to get the more choice possible to compare ...

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    Default Et Bienvenue sur les Forums de RoadTrip Amérique.

    One of our other moderators, Gen, a fellow Québécoise, loves the coast of Maine and has found a quiet, secluded 'resort'. I also lived on the coast of Maine near there for many years, but always found the water too cold for swimming, even in August. Other possibilities with which I'm less familiar include Cape Cod and the coast of New Jersey, but I think that each of those is far too built up to qualify as "a quiet place".


  5. Default When are you going?

    I see that you posted in "Spring RoadTrips", so if you're taking this trip before July/August, I would definitely go for the upper end of your range and shoot for the outer banks. Warm beach days are very hit or miss anywhere on the Atlantic Shore until Summer when you'll have a much better shot.

    So...if you're going in May, the outer banks of N.C. are your best bet. I also agree with AZBuck about the Delaware Shore, which gets pretty warm by June. Bethany Beach is a great spot and pretty quiet as well. It starts to get a little more "happening" as you get closer to Ocean City, MD (excellent nightlife and only about 30-40 mins from Bethany Beach.)

    If you decide to wait until the warmer months, there are some great spots in Eastern Long Island (I know you've been to New York a bunch, but I'm originally from there, and I have to mention it), the Newport area of Rhode Island is beautiful (might be a bit expensive though), and if you'd like to head east instead of south, drive out to Acadia National Park in Maine. You won't find mountain view of an ocean anywhere else along the eastern seaboard. You'd have to go to California or British Columbia for something like that!

    Good hiking,


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    Default Cape Cod rules!

    Exception made of SoBe which is too far south and pretty much crowded, my favourite beach destination on the east coast, is Cape Cod. There are several quaint small towns on the Cape with nice hotels and beaches and at the far end, you will find P-Town which is definitely more popular. That's the place to go for entertainment, restaurants, shopping and nightlife if you ever get tired of the quietness of the other towns along the cape. Plus, it's only ~5-6 hours from Montreal!


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