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  1. Default Cell phone (GSM) coverage along 50, 80, 70?

    Hi everyone,

    How is cell phone coverage (for GSM network phones) along the popular routes of HWY50, I80, and I70? Any significant gaps in coverage that one should be aware of?

    Is a CB radio really a worthwhile addition / upgrade over a cellular phone for a cross country road trip on these various routes?


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    Default Nothings Perfect

    Cell Phone converage is so dependant upon so many things, not the least of which is your personal choice of service providers and actual telephone, there are no perfect options.

    However, speaking pretty generally, the Cell Phone companies have done a fairly good job of providing service even in rural areas along the interstates. Its not perfect, but its pretty decent. I suspect you'd find reception quite a bit more spotty along US-50.

    CBs are a nice addition. I don't think I would call it an upgrade over a cell phone at this point, but but as a supplement, I'd say it has some significant advantages.

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    Your cell phone coverage will depend on the frequency used and who your service supplier is, but you can check most US companies' coverage here. CB does not have coverage issues, but does have range issues. You cannot talk to an individual of your choice as with a cell phone, but can (indeed will) talk to anyone within range and tuned to your channel. CB is not for those with dainty ears, but can have a certain amount of entertainment value on a long trip. The roads that you list are all heavily enough travelled that safety in the event of a breakdown or accident should not be an issue, so you're really looking at what each communication device's attributes are worth to you.


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