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    hi all my friend and i will be coming from sydney australia and we will be wanting to drive down to vegas from lax.i know the way because i did this drive in 06,though my question is roughly how much traffic and time difference would it be if i was to leave at 4p.m on a friday in august,my flight gets in at 2:30p.m.
    My last trip took me around 4 hours
    Thank you...

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    Their has been some intermittant major road work on Interstate 15 at Devore.
    From what we understand, that work is coming to a close.

    You may want to avoid travel at the time you mention.
    You'll be driving right thru the wheelhouse of a gridlock through Devore.

    Perhaps consider the Pearblossom Highway, but you will still encounter rushhour traffic on the I 405 and I 14.

    If you can start your Las Vegas Journey about 8 pm PST, you'll be in better shape on most routes.

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    Default Yikes! Worst possible departure time

    Quote Originally Posted by jay460 View Post
    hi all my friend and i will be coming from sydney australia and we will be wanting to drive down to vegas from LAX
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! You made this trip from LAX to Las Vegas in four hours? I bet you were on the road very early in the morning and were driving ~ 85 mph for much of it? One of my colleagues left Santa Monica a week or two ago at about 6am and drove that speed and reached the offices in Las Vegas in about that time period....But there is no way to travel that distance legally in less than five hours. For you to try and leave LAX at 4:00 pm on a Friday, I would think it impossible to reach Las Vegas before 11:00 pm. If you were to wait until 7:00 pm to leave you would probably be able to make it there about the same time. And it would be even better, if you could sleep in LA that first night and get an early, better-rested start the next day....


  4. Default Car pool lanes

    Coming into LAX (LA International Airport) and trying to head out towards Las Vegas at 4 pm will put you in the midst of the worst of LA's traffic.

    Your best bet if you want to do that is to find a carpool lane-equipped freeway and use that to try to get past the worst traffic. In LA many freeways have carpool or "diamond" lanes. These are lanes set aside at the center of the freeway for vehicles with 2 or more people (or driving electric or hybrid vehicles). They are marked with double-double yellow lines (2 sets of double yellow lines) to set them apart, and the traffic rules treat the double-double yellow lines as if they were a physical obstruction. The lanes also are marked with a white or yellow diamond symbol on the lanes (hence the "diamond" lanes). Depending upon the freeway, about every 1/2 -1 mile there's a break in the lines that set them apart, and you can move in and out of the carpool lanes.

    Coming out of LAX, your best bet to avoid heavy traffic through the carpool lanes would be to head east on the 105 (century) freeway. This has a diamond lane over its entire length, and starts just south of the runways at LAX. Take it to the 605 (San Gabriel) freeeway and head north. The 605 also has diamond lanes over most of its length. Take the 605 freeway north to the 210 (foothill) freeway, and head east. The 210 also has a diamond lane for almost all of its length. Take it east until to the I-15 which heads up over the pass towards Victorville.

    You'll run into some traffic probably heading up over the pass through Victorville towards Barstow. As Ross & Alice noted, there's been construction in the area for the past couple of months, and there are no carpool lanes through here as 3 freeways funnel together to go up over the pass. You can also run into traffic if there's a traffic accident on this route. There are two news stations in the AM band on the radio that do traffic reports every 10 minutes -- one does it on the "6's" (1:06, 1:16, etc.), and the other does it one the "1's" (1:01, 1:11, etc.). Most popular stations in LA do traffice very 30 minutes as well. If there's a major accident you can get tangled pretty well -- just like everyone else on the road -- but the radio reports may give you a heads up in time to pick an alternate route.

    [Editor's Note: Here is a truly superb post that provides an overview about the scope and scale of LA and some more tips from Larrison for navigating around in it]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Larrison View Post
    There are two news stations in the AM band on the radio that do traffic reports every 10 minutes -- one does it on the "6's" (1:06, 1:16, etc.), and the other does it one the "1's" (1:01, 1:11, etc.).
    Those stations are KNX (1070) and KFWB (980). KFWB has traffic on the 1s and KNX has traffic on the 5s.

    Larrison is right, you are going to get SLAMMED by LA traffic. Carpool lanes will help but the freeways are going to be a mess at that time. You may want to just chill out on the beach a bit and wait for traffic to subside (8pm onwards).

    It appears that the major work on the I-15 corridor to Las Vegas is complete. CalTrans indicates there's still night work going on. For complete details check out this site.
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