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    I am finishing up college and hitting the road from New York on May 22nd and returning to Boston on June 3rd. I would love to hear suggestions on paths to take, places to see, etc. I am interested in everything from great music to great food to great views to great activities -- everything.

    Here is my general idea, with hopefully interesting sidetrips mixed in there as well.

    1. New York to Chapel Hill: 8 hr, 29 minutes (504 mi.)
    2. Chapel Hill to Charleston: 4 hr, 49 minutes (308 mi.)
    3. Charleston to Savannah: 2 hr, 16 minutes (108 mi.)
    4. Savannah to New Orleans: 10 hr, 8 minutes (682 mi.)
    5. New Orleans to Oxford (MS): 5 hr, 28 minutes (358 mi.)
    6. Oxford to Nashville: 4 hr, 38 minutes (290 mi.)
    7. Nashville to Chattanooga: 2 hr, 8 minutes (133 mi.)
    8. Chattanooga to New York: 13 hr (818 mi.)


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    Default Congratulations on the graduation!

    Quote Originally Posted by chrischris View Post
    I am finishing up college and hitting the road from New York on May 22nd and returning to Boston on June 3rd.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum -- Your route seem predicated that you will be able to sustain 65 mph over the course of a day's travel. Throughout the country, but certainly in the southeast this would be impossible unless you are able and willing to travel triple digits much of the day. Rule of thumb is that due to fuel, food and attractions stops, traffic delays and other incidentals of road travel you would be hard-pressed to exceed much over an average of 53 mph over the course of a day's travel in the southeast. Because of that, it would be tough for you to have time to partake of great music, interesting side trips and still cover as much ground as you have planned in 12 days.

    If you were to cut out Louisiana and Mississippi and focused your attention on Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, you would have a fabulous trip. The Great Smokies NP is gorgeous this time of year and you could travel on some of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here are some threads dealing with travel in this area.


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    Default I agree

    The south is much bigger than you think, just crossing my home state of NC from end to end is 8+ hours (not VA to SC, that's maybe 2-4 depending on where you cross over) but you've mentioned some great places that really deserve more than just a couple hours of stop over.

    I would also cut out Lousiana and MS. There's stuff there but not to the degree you'll find when you visit Charleston and Savannah. Also, just as a note both of those cities are highly expensive for travellers so watch yourself if you're on a budget.

    The tourism websites for NC, SC, and TN are really well laid out so you can get information on what events are coming up. At that time of year there should be some decent food festivals and the like, unfortunately the majority of those come in mid to late June.

    Still you're going to hitting some amazing sites, one I would recommend adding would be some time in the Appalachian Mountains it's more than worth it.

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