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    I am driving from Florida to California in August. I know it's about 2600 and the internet guides say it should take about 39 hours. What's a good mileage to shoot for each day? I am guessing we will drive about 10 hours per day...Is 700 miles per day too optimistic????
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your plan is a bit optimistic. Our basic recommendation is to limit your driving days to around 500-550 miles per day on a multi-day roadtrip. By the time you factor just the basic stops for gas, food, etc, that kind of distance will put you in the car for about 10 hours a day.

    If you plan for 5 days for this trip, you should have a wonderful time.

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    I'm going to chime in along with Midwest Michael -- plan for 500-550. The time the computer mapping programs seems to be "in the car, behind the wheel, with no detours, traffic, or road construction" times, with the speed depending upon the type of road you're going over. In reality, you'll want to stop the car every couple of hours to get gas, use the bathroom, get out of the car and stretch your legs, and have something to eat. That all adds up.. If you're traveling multiple days, these "get out of the car" breaks become more important. Plus you do need to make sure you have some unwind time at the end of the day to have a civilized meal, stretch your body which has been sitting all day, and unwind a bit from staring out the windshield for the past 8-10 hours.

    As a ROUGH rule of thumb, you'll be going 50-55 mph on average, including those necessary stops. So 500-550 miles in a day is a reasonable goal. You can stretch a bit some days, or go under of course, but 500-550 per day is a good planning number.

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    Unless of course you have multiple drivers! my wife and I make annual trips from Seattle to Bakersfield CA. and I'm the only driver. By myself I average about 550-600 miles a day and at the end of the day I am beat! By the time we get to our "Stopover" for the night, we go to eat, then check into a motel and in a matter of minutes I'm asleep!

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    Default The Multiple Driver Faclicy

    People often assume that you can drive significantly farther in a day with multiple drivers, but in reality, that's pretty much a myth - or at least a theory that is greatly overblown.

    Even with multiple drivers, I still wouldn't recommend more than 500-600 miles a day. While driving does require more work and energy than being a passenger, simply being cooped up in a car for several hours at a time is quite fatiguing. The advantages of being able to drive a little bit longer are also typical reduce because switching drivers also takes a little extra time.

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