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  1. Default Los Angeles to Vancouver - need hotel help!!

    Hi all - my boyfriend and I are leaving from L.A. and driving to Vancouver - we would like to stay at a B&B in Brookings, OR and then be in hotels for Seattle, Vancouver and Portland. Does anyone have any suggestions as where to stay in these cities? We want to be near entertainment/restaurants/etc/ ya know, to really get a feel for the city. I plan to book the hotels thru priceline, so I'm scared to just choose "downtown" or anything, since LA's "downtown" is not quite prime location...
    Also - if anyone has any feedback for the B&B in Brookings - we're not tied down to Brookings/ just somewhere on the Northern CA, Southern OR border. Thanks for all the help!!

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    Default Pacific Coast Highway

    Quote Originally Posted by lizepp4 View Post
    ... leaving from L.A. and driving to [Vancouver
    Sounds like a really nice adventure. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! There are several threads, chock-full of suggestions for this route, here is one of them, posted by Peter Thody and another comprehensive tome by Judy.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as where to stay in these cities? We want to be near entertainment/restaurants/etc/
    Sorry, it has been too long since I was staying in hotels in these cities -- I was at the Marriott in Redmond a couple of months ago -- it is a very nice hotel with great restaurants and bars within walking distance...
    just somewhere on the Northern CA, Southern OR border.
    The Stanford Inn still gets my vote for my favorite inn on the north coast.


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    Anytime my wife and I drive from Seattle to Bakersfield (only 3 hours from L.A.), I do all the driving. We ususally stop in Redding, CA fro the night...ain't the most grand affair but motel 6 in Redding does us fine! Shouldn't take you more then 2 days to go from L.A. to Vancouver if you go straight up I-5.

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    I've driven from OC in SoCal to Bellingham lots of times. Usually spend the night somewhere between Redding and Yreka (usually Redding). In Redding I've stayed more than once at the Oxford Suites, Red Lion, and Amerihost. All are OK hotels (nothing amazing). Oxford Suites has the best complementary breakfast (although it can be a busy dining area in the summer months), and Amerihost is the newest, with free high speed internet.

    But.. are you driving straight through to Brooking, near Portland? Mannnnn... that's a long day's drive. That's about 980 miles, or around 18 hours drive time (including gas stops, bio breaks, snack stops, and "get out of the car and walk around" stops). Even leaving LA at 6 am on the road, I'd be concerned about pulling into a B&B at near midnight... Heck, you're talking 7-8 hours beyond Redding to get to Brooking. You'll be wiped out the next day...

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    Default I hope you're planning other nightly stops!

    That's way too many miles in one day, imho.

    LA to Brookings, OR (on the CA-OR border) is 780 miles if you go up I-5 to Redding, go west on 299 to the coast, and then up 101. That's the quickest way, too. I'd plan 2 days for this. 3 days if you're going up the coast.

    Brooking to Seattle is just over 500 miles if you go back out to I-5 (199 from Bookings to Grant's Pass). But, if you do this, you're missing the amazing Oregon Coast.

    Personally, if I had to choose between time to explore the Oregon Coast and going to Seattle and Vancouver, I'd stick to the coast. But Seattle is cool. Read that link Mark mentioned for things to do there.

    I'm sorry I don't know about B&B in Brookings to help you out.

    However, I can recommend The Edgewater, The Inn at the Market, and the Best Western in Pioneer Square for Seattle. At Priceline, if you sort by "Other Landmarks" and then choose Seattle Art Museum, you'll be getting hotels in the main downtown area of Seattle, walking distance to many of the city's must-see stuff.
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