I always thought there were a lot of vehicles on Illinois' highways and byways, and every year, there seems to be more and more. I was right. As of 2006, there are 9.6 million registered in the state (240 million nationwide).

Experian Automotive of Schaumburg has done a statistical abstract on our cars. Here are some of the findings:

56% are cars

1.1 million are classified as small cars (Ford Focus, KIA Rio, Chevy Cavalier)
2.8 million are midrange- (Ford Taurus, Chevy Impala)
1.3 million SUVs
401,255 sports cars
757,799 upscale vehicles (Lexus, Mercedes-Benz Cadillac)
1.4 million pickups
23,009 alternative power- 10,256 Toyota Priuses
6,289 Hummers

Interesting numbers: Still registered

53 Yugos- a real classic, eh????
156 Volkswagen "The Thing"- whatever that is
36 AMC Pacers (one of the all-time ugliest cars to my way of thinking. That and the ill-fated Gremlin).
47 Chevy Corvairs74 Merkur Scorpios-whatever they are
191 Ford Pintos- my first new car in 1973

Other interesting numbers:

35,404 Corvettes
14,032 Porsches
934 Dodge Vipers
478 Ferraris
81 Lamborghinis

V-e-e-e-rr--rr-y Interesting