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    Hi I live about 45mins from Huntsville Alabama. My mom lives about a hour south of Oklahoma City. We make this trip a lot. And its always the longest 14 hours ever. Are there anything that we could do to make this trip more fun? We usly drive streght through, but are willing to make it a two day trip. Any sugestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zdragon354 View Post
    We make this trip a lot. And its always the longest 14 hours ever.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum -- I really like visiting Huntsville, but I guess that is too close for a stop. I used to love stopping at Hot Springs NP and getting the treatment -- but I guess the NPS closed those bathhouses. But Arkansas is one of my favorite states in the country. Gorgeous countryside (and a few million bugs). What about detouring to Eureka Springs? Granted it would be out of the way, but still fun.

    Actually, one of my favorite towns in American is Mountain View, Arkansas. Every night in the summer, locals and tourists converge and play music all night in the town square. Plus, the Ozark Folk Center Park is just down the road!


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    Without knowing exactly where you're starting from or going to, I can still be pretty sure that the only way you're making this trip in one day is to get on I-40 by the shortest route possible, grinding out the miles until you get near Oklahoma City, and then heading for your mom's house in the dark. It's not the country that you're driving through which is making this trip seem so long, but rather that it is long, and you're not giving yourself the time to enjoy it. You are going to have to budget the better part of two days (one-way) before this becomes enjoyable.

    Once you allocate the time, the next thing you can do to enhance the drive is to try some new roads. I-40 probably has now got bad associations for you. So, here's one possibility. Start out westbound on US-72 to the Natchez Trace Parkway southwest to Tupelo where Elvis got his start. Continue on to Houston (MS) and take MS-8 west. Take a short hike in Hugh White State Park and use MS-7 down to US-82 to cross the Mississippi south of Greenville. Head up US-65 to Pine Bluff (roughly half way), then US-270 to Hot Springs. Continue westward to US-71 south to Mena where AK-88 and its continuation, OK-1, make up the Talimena Scenic Drive at the end of which you'd join US-271 and US-70 to Ardmore, OK which should be in the vicinity of mom's.

    The point is that any trip is what you make of it. You're currently making this drive more work than it has to be in your desire to do it in one day. If you can give it the time it deserves, you can make it a wonderfully relaxing Sunday (and Monday) drive.


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